Review Game Brave Frontier

Review Game Brave Frontier android apk games

Game Brave Frontier is a game that brought the genre RPG with a classic style. This game will remind players a glimpse of the old RPG game sort of Valkyrie Profile. The game itself is already present since mid-2013 past. These games were developed by Alim, a new developer based in Japan. This game is known in Japan at that time. Only in late 2013, this game was taken by Gumi Inc. Singapore based on the International market. This means that this Frontier Brave new games have an English version in December 2013.

This one game has become a trend of its own in the mobile device. It is suspected because this game has been downloaded by many people to more than 500 thousand times weekly. This game seems to be to be excellent in the mobile devices. This is because the sensation, and the impression given addictive power of this game is very strong. Although additive, this game is not such a simple game Angry Bird or Temple Run. This game is more complicated because it brought the genre of RPG (Role Playing Game).


As in similar games, Brave Frontier packaged in a cute two-dimensional graphics. It can be seen from the design of the characters and monsters are tiny. The characteristics of this game is the game system are narrowed, or more precisely, you just need to devise strategies to fight. 🙂

When first playing the game Brave Frontier, players must create an account. It is quite easy for beginners who want to play this game to create an account via Facebook. After creating an account, players are asked to choose one of the elements that will be summoned (in the RPG world, the term refers to the ability of the call). Elements that are available are the five elements of the Star 2. After that the player can choose a hero to be played. There are many heroes to choose from. In this game alone, there are 200 heroes to be found. And of course, the game has a lot of items, typical of an RPG games.


throughout the game players will not control the characters move around the town or dungeon. Simply by selecting areas of the game, then the player will be faced with several enemies until the mission is complete. Another unique feature that is provided is the fuse. Appropriate means, the fuse is a technique for combining multiple characters or monsters that are obtained in order to strengthen the character of the target.

Game Brave Frontier has a variety of interesting features that make this game more fun to play. The feature is a feature of energy. Energy in this game is the ability to take a trip or of the quest. That is, if the energy runs out, then the character can not be adventurous. In order to recover, then the characters need to use the Gem to fill the energy. Interestingly, there is another way to fill the energy without the use of Gem. The way it is with increased experiece. Like the RPG games, this game also embraces a useful experience points to level playable characters. When a character has been leveling, energy can be recovered. In addition to the use of Gem, Brave Frontier game also brings the city that allow characters to perform activities such as crafting. In addition, in the city, the characters can also make GEAR. This gear will later be useful for some gear can produce capability. Gear important one is the Cure for healing and Revive to revive the characters who have died during the battle.


This game turned out to promote the concept of game-based RPG with turn-based system. That is the battle system in this game uses a turn like a game system Japan RPG (JRPG).In addition, Brave Frontier provides a touch of social gaming that will connect many players. The player in charge of completing various missions such as defeating the enemy in combat, build cities, to form an army, and so on.

In conclusion, Game Brave Frontier is a very good RPG game. The quality of graphics, gameplay, and story scenarios the main attraction of this game. This game can be played on iOS devices at least version 5.1. For Android devices, this game requires Android OS 2.3.3. This game can you download via Google Play and the Google Play Store.

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