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Review Game Elsword Android Apk Games – Elsword is a 2.5D side-scrolling anime-inspired fantasy MMORPG from KOG Games that features action-oriented combat. Elsword is a beat-em-up style game that features 50+ unique dungeons to explore with an excellent variety of playable classes.

Elsword is a 2.5D anime-styled brawler MMORPG from KOG Studios. Jump into a world of wild adventure and child-like wonder as you beat the crap out of anyone who gets in your way. Explore dungeons with friends and strangers alike and test your skills in the arena in Elsword, a game that mixes cute with bruises in the best way possible! There are nine characters in the game. Each character can choose between three class progressions at Level 15, and those classes will advance again at Level 35.

Indonesia is a prime game Elsword launched by CJ Internet Indonesia. Game genre Action MMORPG with anime-style 3D is operational in several countries such as South Korea, North America, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Italy and China. After the launch of the game followed by the comic in Korea and Japan, Elsword finally emerged in Indonesia. you can act as Elsword and his friends in online multiplayer action game featuring a visual display of anime style and an interesting storyline this.

Although the graphics display is a 3D anime, El Scout (Elsword gamers nickname) require high specification computers enough to play it.

In the games published by Indonesia’s PT CJ Internet, El Scouts can only choose a character that has been provided by the game. If you want to be Swordmen, El Scout must choose a character named Elsword whereas if you want to be a Magician must choose as Aisha or if it aspires to become a Ranger must choose a character Rena.

The main character is a red-haired boy who wants an adventure to find the stone EL and find her brother who disappeared in a mission, the boy is none other than the Named “Elsword”, (hehe) ,, Elsword itself has a dexterity in playing sword when he wants sharpening his sword ability ,, with a grumpy disposition and punk, this kid across the world that have not been seen before.


Here is a full review of the characters in the game Elsword:

1. Elsword
An expert swordsman is dangerous in close combat. He is very agile and is unmatched in a sword fight. Elsword is not only adept in attack but also great in defense. The only weakness is magic, but he always thought that there is no problem that can not be terminated with a sharp sword.


At level 15, Elsword can choose advanced job that is Sword Knight or Magic Knight. The advantages of Sword Knight is to have melee attacks are more numerous and deadly. While the Magic Knight has a magic power that causes it to become a more balanced Knight when fighting in close range and distant. Having proved itself to be a strong character, at level 35 Elsword can change the job to become a more powerful Knight. Knight Sword could turn into Lord Knight while Magic Knight can turn into a Rune Knight. After changing jobs, Elsword has a new combo abilities that would make attacks become more deadly.

2. Rena


Elves that live in the human world. Life is threatened when a gem El is the source of life weakened. If the power of the jewel El liaison Elf human world and the world disappears, Rena will also disappear. So he uses his powers as a Ranger to protect the jewel El and his friends. Rena could turn the job into Combat Ranger or Sniping Ranger when it reaches level 15. Combat Ranger has a very strong kick combo while Sniping Ranger able to maximize his ability in archery. After changing job combo Rena had become so varied that the attack used to be difficult to predict.
When reaching level 35, it’s time to change job becomes Rena Wind Sneaker if you previously chose as Combat Ranger or Grand Archer if previously opted so Sniping Ranger.

3. Aisha


A magician who rely on magic attacks to attack the enemy. He also has the ability to attack multiple enemies at the same time. Each attack has different attributes. This means that he has the advantage to attack the enemy in accordance with the attributes of the enemy. In close combat, Aisha attack the enemy with a stick. When reaching level 15, Aisha could turn into Dark Magician job or High Magician. After changing jobs, Aisha will have a new combo attacks more powerful and varied.
When reaching level 35, Aisha can increase the power possessed by the way turns into Void Princess job that is advanced from the Dark Magician or become Elemental Master is the continuation of the High Magician.


The user interface in this game is very simple and easy to understand. There are six points to be El Scouts know when playing Elsword Indonesia.
1. HP: The number of points determines the character’s ability to survive the enemy attack, shown in red. MP: The number of points used to issue a certain skill, shown in blue. The maximum number of MP each character is 300 points which amount does not depend on the level of character.
2. Skill: Works to put the skills you want to use on the A, S, D and C. Please choose the combo you want to use before entering the dungeon (PvE) or Battle (PvP) because it could be the key to victory.
3. Shortkey Item: El Scouts can put the items to be used in this shotkey. Basic buttons used are 1, 2 and 3.
4. Resurection Point: Point values ​​character limit may come back to life when killed in the dungeon.
5. Time Monster: Shows the number of monsters living in the folder.
6. Status Awakening: Awakening Status is indicated by the green beam below the line MP. The beam is loaded when the player uses basic combo and combo active while in the dungeon. A pink dots will appear when the beam is fully charged. Players can save up to 3 circles awakening. Damage combo attacks will increase when the characters are in a state of awakening.


In addition to a powerful combo, each character also has an attack and supportive skills to act in a dungeon or Battle. Whenever leveling, El Scouts will get two SP (Skill Point) which can be used to increase the skill level of the character. El Scouts can learn all the skills are there, but there are some skills that have a minimum requirement of use SP to unlock that skill.

El Scouts could be the creation of skill that has been raised by Skill Restore feature. Such features can be used to lower the level of skill that can be used to raise the SP other skills are more needed. Characters will gain three points at the beginning Skill Restore to create a character. But if El Scouts want to restore the skill points that have been used more widely, it must use the item Return Skill Skill Reset Complete Medal or Medal (to reset all skills) which can be obtained from the Item Mall. Every time you use the skill in a fight in the dungeon or Battle, characters that require MP to remove it. The maximum number of characters is always numbered MP every 300 points that are not affected by the level of the character.

Elsword Indonesia provides two modes that can be selected for leveling and ranking characters. If El Scouts want to raise the level quickly, get ED (currency Elsword) and items of interest then play in dungeon mode. But if you want to boost the ranking of the characters and become the best in Elrios, then El Scouts can play in Battle mode.

In order to play in dungeon mode, El Scouts should know the features contained in that mode. The difficulty level of the dungeon is divided into three: normal, hard and very hard. To be able to play on hard difficulty, El Scout must complete a normal first. Similarly, the difficulty very hard, El Scouts must complete the first hard difficulty.

In each of the difficulties there are advantages that can be obtained in particular for EXP, ED and items that can be obtained. The difficulty is higher then the gains will be. If the number of groups in dungeon mode up to three characters or more, then it is likely to drop from monsters goods and ED will increase. It takes stamina to play in dungeon mode. If stamina runs out, El Scouts will not be allowed to enter that mode. Stamina will be back in full on the following day (using a Stamina Potion) so that the characters can come back to play. But El Scouts can still play in the Battle mode though stamina runs out.

To start the fight in the dungeon mode, El Scouts can choose “Join Party”, “Create Party” or “Login Party Dungeon”. If you choose “Join Party”, the system will choose the party that has available in accordance with the desired requirements. But El Scouts can also create his own party by selecting the “Create Party” and accept other characters to join. If you want to see the party list who are waiting for the other characters to join, it could have the “Login Party Dungeon”.

MMORPG Games certainly have serious competition system. All exercises and combo has been learned need to be shown to everyone. Elsword Indonesia provide a competitive PvP system with real-time rank structure. Casual gamers can join and do PvP each to fill the void, while if El Scouts including the likes or hardcore gamer in terms of PvP, could continue to fight to improve or maintain its position in the top rank in PvP Ladder. In addition, El Scouts will receive Arena Points (APs) during the Battle (PvP). And Arena Points are used as currency to buy items from stores Arena.

El Scout can choose PvP 1 vs 1 or teams (2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4) and survival (all enemies). In a battle between teams of course the benefits will be more. El Scouts can start a real fight with other characters by selecting “Arena Ladder” after which the system will automatically choose an opponent to be faced. Must be observed by all El Scouts are going to be given a penalty in the form of lost Rank Point to the character if out of the arena before the fight is over.

El Scouts can also choose “Enter Battle Arena” to join or create your own desired games. There are several types of fight in this feature that Team Match Item or Power after the Team Dead Match Item or Power. If El Scouts are still unsure of his ability and his character does not want a reputation damaged by losing the fight, use features Free Training can be found by talking to Camilla in Elder Vilade or Bethma.

Free Training on this, El Scouts will be selected against the target itself. HP and MP can restore the character with press F5 to F6’s HP or MP. If El Scouts are confident with the abilities themselves, Fight the real arena that is the Arena Ladder to get the best rankings in Elrios.

In this game there are various types of equipment that can be used to enhance the ability of the character in Elsword Indonesia. In addition to a large selection of equipment used characters, there are also features that can make the equipment character El Scouts become more powerful and effective. Socket features viz, Enchant and Attribute.
Socket is a feature that can be used to add special abilities on weapons and armor like Jump Speed, Attack Speed, Evasion and others. El Scout can do Socket through the inventory of characters. Any conduct Socket, El Scouts require a Magic Stone that can be obtained from quests or dungeons.
After the weapons or equipment managed in-Socket successfully, El Scouts will get special effects. If the effect is not preferable, El Scouts can change the way Socket repeated in the slot that the effect you want to change.


Enhance is a feature that will strengthen the weapons and equipment owned. If Enchant done to the arms, then the status of that increase is the attack and magic attack, while if it is done to the equipment then the increase is defense and magic defense. The characteristics of the weapons and equipment that have in-Enhance is have an extra digit on his name such as +1, +2, +3 and etc.

To do Enhance, El Scouts can talk to Lenphad Elder Village. Needed Weapon Enhancement Stone for weapons and Armor Enhancement Stone’s armor. In addition to these compounds, in the process also requires Enhance ED.
There is one more interesting feature that attribute. To use this feature, El Scouts should speak to Echo, Elder Village. Needed items named El Shard (item to add attribute) to process attribute that can be obtained from quests or dungeons. If Attribute mounted on the weapon, then there is the possibility of giving a negative status to the enemy. But if mounted on the equipment, there is the effect of reducing the attacks of certain elements.

There is one more interesting feature that attribute. To use this feature, El Scouts should speak to Echo, Elder Village. Needed items named El Shard (item to add attribute) to process attribute that can be obtained from quests or dungeons. If Attribute mounted on the weapon, then there is the possibility of giving a negative status to the enemy. But if mounted on the equipment, there is the effect of reducing the attacks of certain elements. El Scouts can use this attribute features by speaking to Echo in Elder Village, and then select the “Item Attribute”. Then select the weapon or armor. El Shard After that specify which one to El Scouts use.

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