Review Game Clash Royale

Review Game Clash Royale Android apk games


Games Clash Royale is a game that also take advantage of some of the characters are similar to the COC by adding the concept of empire with realtime battles with opponents, multiplayer strategy game at the same time. This game combines three genres of games, the trading card game, tower defense, and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

If you are a fan of the game Clash of Clans (CoC) must try this one game. No need to bother to set up a base with a long upgrade process, do not need to steal the treasure coins and elixir of people and attack them where they have not currently online. War directly one on one and in real time through the games Clash Royale. Yes, both created by the developer Supercell, games Clash Royale is suitable for gamers COC already saturated and in need of a new gaming challenge that can be addictive like COC, it looks like the brother COC Clash Royale This could be an option. Commencing two months since the soft launch in January last year, the prestige of Clash Royale as a potential strategy game that actually could be felt. It was not separated from the shadow of a great name Clash of Clans which is proving very popular and has a large enough player base in various countries, including Indonesia.


Fortunately, the popularity of Clash of Clans used as well as possible by Supercell. Through presentations of exciting gameplay and colorful with a series of familiar characters, Clash Royale has become a phenomenon that is making a name francis Clash increasingly popular. Supercell position in the mobile gaming scene even more unassailable.

Asynchronous-based strategy gameplay (online system in which players take turns attacking each other) has been quite attached with francis Clash of Clans, this time Supercell try new things with elements of real time combat. The presence of these elements makes Clash Royale so exciting, wild and full of surprises! Clash Royale is a combination of real-time strategy game with tower defense game playing that scale was confined in a small arena. In this arena battle, each player has three towers should they watch: the main castle tower and two smaller towers on either side.
Your main objective in this game was still the same. Only difference, if in Clash of Clans you are required to destroy all of the following buildings Town Hall owned by the player, then the Clash Royale you only need to knock down one of the three main castle in a small cramped arena. Your task in this game is a duel destroy the towers had to summon the stack of cards all of which require an elixir to be activated. Not only used to call the land and air forces alone, pile your card can also be filled with magic spells, structures, and the troops of hero cards are very rare.


The interesting thing about Clash Royale and soon we realize when I started playing the game Clah Royale is the display of games that have a base view in portrait rather than landscape position, like the game Clash of Clans. At the beginning of games not seen a large area such as the CoC, but an arena battlefield small enough where the bottom is our castle and tower section while the upper area is the opponent.

At the beginning of games also presented several menus and information easy to understand, such as the castle level of our information, the money (gold), gem, character information, and trophies. Prior to the battlefield, in the main menu, there is a menu deck, where on this menu we can organize our forces that will plunge into the battle later. Selection of these forces in the form of cards that identify the types of troops and buildings that we have and we can take to fight, but unfortunately in every war we can only carry 8 card at a time which means it can only choose 8 forces to launch when to fight and defend the castle from attack opponents ,

Types of troops we have in the form of a card. This card is to be the center of our game, the more varied and many cards that we have the troops is also increasingly diverse. To fire up the card into which the required force (elixir). So different from the CoC, we do not need to collect the elixir to recruit troops, the Clash Royale we just need to choose the army, and thus no longer the name of training. And the elixir will be filled automatically with a maximum capacity of 10 elixir, when launching the kind of troops or building the elixir will be reduced according to the needs of the card. And the elixir will continue to re-filled again automatically. Elixir every card needs vary according to the type and capabilities of the troops of the card.


The game strategy in Clash Royale seemed like an ala card dueling game Hearthstone, but without involving a shift change like a conventional card games in general. Here, each player will be equipped with eight card slots that will be the deciding groove running strategy in winning the fight. The card slot is already reserved before you can fill it with three types of cards with different functions. Starting from the troops cards into the main foundation you in destroying the headquarters of the opponent, magic cards to change the flow of the game,  and the last card of the building that you can use to strengthen your defense headquarters. Each of these last card will be divided into three different levels of rarity of the card, ranging from the common, rare, and epic. Although acquisition cards are categorized initially impressed rare epic if you are devoted to play Clash Royale, the cards will be easier to find.

When you’re at war we must take the time. Every game has a time limit of four minutes. The first two minutes will be filled with the early stages of the game, after two minutes of going on and one of the players managed to destroy the tower opponent, then the player will be the winner. If no player manages to destroy the tower opponents, or impartial position game will grow for one minute, to a total of three minutes. In this middle phase, each player will generate twice as many elixir than in the early stages. In this middle stage, usually the game became increasingly hot, because every player will be more incentive to pull out its troops.


If there is no winning, superior dissolution managed to destroy the castle towers or the game will continue to sudden death stage one minute of added time, bringing the total overall game to four minutes. The first player who can destroy any tower will first come out as a winner, and if still no one can destroy enemy towers within four minutes of this then the game will be counted as a draw. If you win the battle we are going to get a crown that will be calculated based on how many towers are successfully dropped. For each castle king who successfully destroyed means that the player has won three crowns. Destroy the tower king means of destroying both towers (towers arena). Thus destroying the castle king automatically mean a player will get three crowns at once. If we win, we will also get a chest containing all kinds, ranging from gold, gems until the card is to improve the strength of our troops. Each crate has a different class. Collecting ten crowns a day means we can open the crown crate containing a number of cards and money. There is also a free crate open every 4 hours. The better the box, the better the cards that are in it, but also the time it takes to open the box will be longer.


One crate Silver took 3 hours to get there, while the coffin Gold took 8 hours not to mention the giant crates that took 12 hours to open it. While sot for storing crates available only 4 pieces. So when the crate is full slot for a battle that we play then it will not get the prize box for yet available empty slots for storing crates victory. It makes me forced to die right this game and come back later when it is available empty slot to receive the gift crate.

Each deployed troops have almost the same characteristics as army units in Clash of Clans, ranging from swarms of Barbarians were always target enemy and nearby buildings, Hog Rider will immediately stormed the building, miniature P.E.K.K.A, Goblin, and many others. Duel strategy is simple yet deeply felt is not separated from the aspect of resource settings Elixir you have. It makes you have to decide whether the card that is now you need to act aggressively in the attack, or last up to get a drop of Elixir that you need.


Although free Clash Royale has In App purchase scheme in which to buy gold or gems. Not to be confused if you want to play these games, such as the hallmark of the game made more Supercell, at the beginning of games is a tutorial that will make us understand this Royale Clash play games. Although it is a combination of several types of games quick reactions and thinking seriously, Clash Royale altogether is not a difficult game to play.
Games Clash Royale we can enjoy it for free for Android and iOS users to download on the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. With a file size of only about 87 MB only for android while for iOS about 93 MB. When the installation process is complete downloaded and overall game needs a space about 105 MB of empty space so make sure when the download does not drain your internet quota. By category rated 7+ make this game quite safely be played by children without having to worry about a lot of dangerous violence therein.

Want to know more details anymore? Let’s play and voiced your opinion in the comment column oke 🙂

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