Review Game Unkilled

Review Game Unkilled android apk games

Beginning September 2015, a game of zombie-themed first person shooter is back for a mobile platform. Carryingthe title Unkilled, Madfinger Games as the developer seems to want to repeat their success when releasing the series Dead Trigger and Shadowgun few years ago. Madfinger released a game called Unkilled. Madfinger Games is a video game company focused on mobile video games. Established since 2009, the company based in the Czech Republic have already spawned several successful video game on the market. Call it two games of their most successful, namely: Shadowgun and Dead Trigger.

Most developers in Madfinger Games is a former developer of video games consoles. So it is not secret of course, if they aim to bring the video quality in the video game console to mobile games.

Unkilled story about a private army called the Wolfpack were assigned to clean up the zombies in the city of New York. The task is done so that the zombies are not spread to another city or even another country. The main character in this video game is Joe, a member of the Wolfpack squad mainstay. Stage mechanism which requires you to complete the mission to proceed to the next mission allows me to understand what is going on better. Although I must admit, part storytelling of Unkilled still very weak.


storylines would you follow only from a brief conversation between him and members of his team. If only Madfinger Games added more cinematic scenes to the story in this game, I think Unkilled will be more meaningful than just the action of shooting at zombies.

Although it feels better, the background story as if it felt when we play the game. In Unkilled, we just play the mission and vision, without any in-depth story. So, do not expect any cut-scenes or deep story like a video game console or PC. Because such as mobile games, Unkilled tend to be minimal story, but full of action.

Set in New York City, in Unkilled you will play as a member of a military organization called the Wolfpack in charge banish and prevent the invasion of the undead before they infect the whole world. The premise of the game itself is quite simple, that you have to cut through hordes of zombies with weapons that are available for completing the missions are divided into more than three hundred stage.
In gameplay Unkilled managed to present the experience of playing like a video game console or PC. Unkilled brought the genre of First Person Shooter or FPS. Like the FPS on the PC platform, we can walk while actively aiming guns at the enemy, namely the zombies. Unkilled control system using the touchscreen. Operation is simple: the screen on the left side to control the direction of the road, right side of the screen to aim the weapon.


There are several types of them will you face in the game, ranging from giant zombies, zombies with mines in the body, to the uniformed deadly zombies that will test your attentiveness to drive them.

Auto-fire feature that will shoot automatically when you pointed the gun into the zombie’s body is very helpful for you who are new to the game shoot-out. As he was in the game you can also do some variation attacks using a variety of weapons such as rockets, or use adrenaline to make the situation around you is slow.

This game missions split into several chapters, which for now there are 6 chapters. Each chapter there are about 20 missions, complete with a boss (figure specials with certain special abilities) at the end of the chapter. Although there are about 100 stages to be completed, you will not need too much time for each mission can be completed in a matter of minutes. Unkilled also adopted a system level. Each level up we would get a certain gift gifts, but the system level not affect much to the toughness of character.

Each weapon can also be upgraded to increase its capabilities. However, the upgrade requires a certain amount of time. Or you can finish her instantly, but for that you must use a number of gold.


Unkilled using freemium business methods. That is, in this game there are some features that can be accessed more easily by paying a sum of money. However, the paid features only on certain weapons, and Unkilled still quite fun to play without spending a dime. Madfinger apply two currencies at this game: currency money that we get along with completing the mission, and the currency of gold which can get by paying a sum of money.

Basically, the gold currency is paid features, but in Unkilled, Madfinger give bonuses for loyal players. Examples such as gold bonus on each day you login, complete achievement, leveling, and other achievements.

Lets play the game and have a nice play guysss 🙂

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