Review Game War of Crown android apk games

Review Game War of Crown android apk games

War of Crown is a plaid-based grid strategy game. Of course this game is able to give players the experience of playing tactical games like you’ve played on the previous console.
It has an all-round 3D graphical display that appeals, Gamevil’s strategy game is able to attract fans to play it. Especially for the classic themed character design, similar to the character design of Seven Knight. Of course it increasingly attracts the interest of RPG mobile game lovers. I myself have tried and played this strategy game. This time I will give a review of War of Crown.

This game features an optimized RPG strategy experience for mobile platforms. You can take a full role on the battle done in a 3D battlefield by simply using the touch of a finger. For the character itself also has 3D rendering with cool detail. Moreover, the characters that appear have a special ability with cool animations

Game tactics for the mobile itself is developed by Asone Games and now the Gamevil as publisher has released its first Beta Test server. As a tactical strategy game, War of Crown features a map with an isometric grid designed with an attractive look. Meanwhile players can set up their troop formations and give turn-based commands.

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This game tells the adventures of two young fighters named Eshirite the fighter and Lyillis the Archer. The two young men were trained by a Knight Elf named Arendel. After training both, they were taken to a secret inn in Middeland. Although it looks like an ordinary inn, but the inn is actually a gathering place for great adventurers around the world. Also a place to exchange important information. Arendel seemed to see the potential of the two young men, thus deciding to give an important mission. He also considers that by completing an important mission, their experience will increase. In addition they will also be more powerful and good at managing combat strategies. Their first mission was to eradicate the monsters that disturbed the Fertile forest.

As the game progresses, the story gets more and more serious. There is an army of darkness called the Death Guard Army who plans to bring chaos in Middeland. Having gained much experience from completing the first light missions, Eshirite, Arendel, and Lyillis are ready to finish them off!

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In addition to providing the ultimate mission, Arendel itself will provide a side mission that you can complete at any time. Some of the side missions given by Arendel include: Increase character levels, kill multiple monsters, upgrade weapons, and so on. Surely every mission of Arendel that you have successfully completed, you will get the appropriate reward.

While the main mission itself will be divided into two parts. The first is “Adventure” which is a feature of the battle that is divided into three adventure features. Players can unlock the Adventure feature further while completing further missions provided by Arendel. The next one is “Story” which will be divided into separate chapters. Each Chapter contains 5 fragments of stories accompanied by battles. Players will get extra prizes when completing a story piece from each Chapter. Some of the prizes provided include Garnet (to recruit Hero) as well as special Hero.

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The battles in Adventure will be subdivided into 3 parts. First is Stage, your main mission is divided into 10 stages per region. Players will explore the early story of the journey of Eshirite and Lyillis. Each stage will give you EXP prizes, accessories, weapons, Gold, and monster cards! So use your time to train the characters you have in this area. The second is Fairy Realm, a fairy region inhabited by stronger monsters. Players can get lots of valuables by completing Fairy Realm. Some of his valuable items are: Souls (for Evolve the Hero), Evonyangs (material to increase Hero level), as well as weapons and accessories.

Then the third is Wanted, this feature is open when the player has completed Stage Heroic or completed a more difficult mission. Then the boss will appear and you are appointed to hunt them down. There will be 3 levels of this Wanted Boss, when the player manages to defeat every monster then you will proceed to the next level.
This Wanted Boss will appear within a certain time, players must beat them quickly before the deadline expires. Because they are strong and appear only at a certain time, their reward is also tantalizing! Some of them are materials for enchant, to powerful weapons and accessories!

In total there are hundreds of characters you can recruit. Surely there will be a gacha and grade system that will be the determinant of their abilities. Some of them also have their own role, for example: Warrior who attack using swords from close range, Archer who prefer to attack from afar, Spell Caster that uses magic, Healer that supports other players, and so on.

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Once your character is strong, you can also pit the power of the team you build with other players in real-time! There is an Arena feature, players will compete with a balanced opponent. All your characters will be balanced in strength, all the Hero you wear will be at their maximum strength (star 6). So the strategy you use in the fight is the key to victory of this Arena feature.

In one battle, players can carry four characters and one guest character from another player. In total there are five characters that can compete with you on the battlefield. Each character will have the ability to walk, attack distance, and also two different skills. For his mission is to defeat all enemies that appear in the map.

Each time you successfully complete the mission, you will get EXP for player and also EXP for each character. In addition players will also get Gold and prizes. Oh yes, during the battle, sometimes players will also find treasure chests that you can destroy to get additional rewards.

Interaction Elements

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War of Crown displays element system, in total there are five elements that can affect the ability of a character. These five elements are divided into two parts: first is the triangle of elements: fire, water, air and then two elements that beat each other ie darkness and light. This system of elements will make it easier for you to defeat enemies, or even to complicate them. Here’s the explanation:
* Fire> Wind> Water> Fire / Light <> Darkness
* This element affects the Damage and Triggered Effect of a skill.
* When the Element is superior then it gives: + 25% Damage, + 15% Triggered Effect
* When Element lose then give: -25% Damage, -15% Triggered Effect.

Interaction Between Altitude Areas

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In a map, there will be a difference in altitude. Characters can reach high areas to get more benefits than the characters below. Here is a more detailed explanation:
* Attacks from higher areas will result in higher damage, compared to attacks from lower regions.
* Characters that attack from low to high area, the damage will be reduced.
* The percentage of attack damage is also affected by the class, the following calculations: Tank: 50% / DPS, Assassin: 80% / Ranged, Mage, Support: 100%.

Grid Box Color

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In a grid-based strategy game, players will run their characters according to the grid boxes available. But when you want to control the character, the grid box around the character will change color. Well, this time I will provide information what the heck intent of the border grid box color. Here’s an explanation:
* Movement (Blue): This box explains which areas your character can achieve.
* Attack Range (Yellow): This box describes which areas your character can attack using their normal attacks.
* Buff Range (Green): This box explains which region you can heal or buff by a character you choose.
* Skill Effect Range (Red): This box explains which areas will be exposed to special attacks from characters. If more than one box, then the skill has an area effect.

This game is very decent to play, in addition to having a cool view, background ,, the impressive story of this game can improve our thinking, because we are in demand for the assault with a good strategy. Have a nice play guys :* 🙂

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