King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Review

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare Review android apk games

Simulation games continues to grow rapidly since 2009, but if there are no games like Sim City, The Sims, harvest moon or civilization, and now King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare. well this is to be my game 🙂

King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare is a massive multiplayer online game which has been developed by Fun+. This game is not your typical strategy game and offers a lot of different possible approaches to build you kingdom. The game is all about selectively building you army and your castle and training your dragons in order to wage war against other players for game based rewards. Besides that the game also offers a great story-line to it.

King of Avalon similar to other simulation games, giving you the city to be built and governed as you wish. And as usual, you will set up army camps, raising the level of the building and get more workers when you continue to build. King of Avalon Dragon Warfare, is not only interesting but also quite fun to play, with an interesting twist on the simulation game that is used every person on this day. Has a gameplay style that is more developed than other mobile sim games, plus mixing style with shades of MMO gameplay.


King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare offers hours of continuous game-play and there is always something to look on to every time you log-in to the game. The story revolves around King Arthur and his famed Excalibur sword. The players, after reaching a certain level can form allies with friends and other players and take on wars to control land and gold. The game offers a great in-game chat in which players can communicate between each other and form strategies. The game doesn’t digress from with purpose of training your Army and your Dragon before building an empire to take on the battle. It is the PvP (Player vs Player) mode that really catches on once you have your army ready to battle. And there are also other features such as:

World – Enter the fantastic realm of Avalon, and rise from humble lord to the one true king. Forming alliances with others and smart deployment of your forces is vital if you wish to rule the realm!

Dragons – You have a dragon egg that you received after the battle of Camlann. Raise your dragon to become a formidable fighting force that cannot be killed by the weapons of man!

Magic – Battles are won with swords and arrows, but also with spells and rituals. From powerful spells which heal allies to others which raise the dead, magic is a force you must consider in battle.

Excalibur – Forged in dragon fire, the legendary sword of King Arthur confers the right to rule upon the one true king, but so long as discord exists, none may wield it. Lifting the sword is not something you will be able to do alone!


Simple game controls, simply tap on the touchscreen, tap on the plot for the building, leveling when you have sufficient inventory and create a camp for troops. Depending on your device, the smaller screen means more and more difficult to click on certain areas. Although this is not a problem if you play on a large-sized smartphone or tablet. Visual (or style of art) flows like a painting, giving you a beautiful view. Colors are really allow anything to stand out. The character design is also a beautiful addition compared with Simulation games / other mobile MMO. Who showed his artistic skills possessed designers when creating this game.


In terms of visuals King of Avalon is unquestionably pleasing to look at with its lovely pre-rendered backgrounds and your personal castle looks especially picturesque. The UI is slick and simple with no glaring responsiveness issues that can often plague games like this. I do find it a bit difficult when it comes to collecting rewards or reading messages. For instance to receive a scouting report I have to leave the main screen, go to the messages screen and then access it under the reports tab. This could just as easily be displayed on the main screen when the scout returns. As I mentioned earlier the game’s animation can be a bit janky with my army strolling across water a couple times or fighting units that had been killed before they arrived. The camera is also a big issue as it suffers from the age old strategy game affliction of not letting you zoom out nearly enough so navigating it quickly becomes frustrating hahahaha -,-



King of Avalon : Dragon Warfare is overall a great game. The story and the game-play blends pretty well and the graphics are a great selling point for this game. The story works out pretty well and gives a great purpose to players instead of a random strategy game which is quite common these days. The graphics are an added bonus to players who like to show-off their high-end phones. The game works very well and has been perfectly optimized for multiple devices across both iOS and Android platform. The only downside we saw to this was the amount of battery it consumes and the amount of heat it generates on the back of the mobile.

But in reality, this game into the ranks of best-selling game on Google Play. This game can you get on Google Play, the Google Play Store, and iTunes. Have a nice play 🙂

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