Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Review

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Review android apk games

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a real-time game genre pvp are present in mobile devices. This game offers players the excitement and tension for because you have to fight against other players in real-time. Game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars also is a game that simulates the user as a power ranger who will fight any opponent that is in this game. And will add a strong upgrade path from the skin obtained in this game. So users will find it to be a real Power Rangers.

How to play the game is also quite easy once users download this application the user will immediately get into these applications without having to log into an account which the user has to first. How easy enough users stay rub of characters that users choose to right or left. And then users just choose what should the user do what it would block or attack by point the user has. In the game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, you will fight against other players. Not only serves as Rangers, you also can use an enemy character Goldar Rangers as an example.

In this game there are many features that you can use 🙂 Features – Here is a menu feature that can be clicked on by users to assist users in using this game or use the app features – features that are contained in this application example is the team, feature warrior , morph boxes, crystal power, power coins, offer special leader board, achievement and alliance. And etc

1. Features Leadersboard

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Leaderboard feature here is useful for users to see the Leaderboard that users have in the application of this game. So users will see who is the highest score each day and each time so the user will be challenged in playing this game.

2. Features Achievement

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Features achievement here is useful so that you can see any achievement that users get in this game to make people feel challenged to do things that are in this game and get the achievement that exist in this game.

3. Features Team

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This feature is useful so that you can see the heroes that can be selected to do this game that users have in this game. So users will not feel bored just use the hero’s it. How to get skin that failure by staying in the game after the play of the game. and if you want to open from the characters that users can already get in the way and unlock team roster that can be unlocked or upgraded.

4. Features Shop
In this feature you can purchase goods – goods that exist in the game using the original money that users have. The user can later use to add hero that users possess or other things. This feature is no menus as well as feature warrior, morp boxes, crystal power, power coins, special offer.

5. Features Warrior

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Features found in this shop you can use to buy every warrior that can be purchased with the coin that users get when the user completes the existing missions in this game. So if the user really wants warrior, users can buy it if the coins enough.

6. Morph Boxes

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Every few hours, you will get a Mighty Morph Boxes containing Rangers, Power Crystals and coins. In addition, you can also get his Mighty Morph Boxes when you win the fight.
Besides Mighty Morph Boxes, No Corruption Box which contains more bonus. How to get it is to fight and try to more injure opponents.

7. Features Power Crystal

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This feature is useful to buy a crystal that will be used to purchase or opening of morp boxes. So the user will be using real money that users have for buying this crystal to be purchased. Power Crystals are also useful for opening Morph Special Boxes (Super Morph Box, Mega Morph Box, Ultra Morph Box) or could also Mighty Morph Boxes accelerate time to open.

8. Arena

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There are more than four arenas that you can meet. To open another arena, you need to have the medal to the amount specified in each arena, for example, if an arena requires 500 medals to be opened and you have to have 500 medals to unlock the arena.

You have to win the fight if you want to get a medal. However, if you lost the battle then the achievements that you have to be reduced.

9. Features Power Coin

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In this feature you can buy coins that will be used to purchase or opening of the featured warriors. So the user will be using real money that users have for buying these coins to buy.

10. Offer Special Features

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You can buy something special that will be used to purchase or opening of any goods sold in this special offer. So the user will be using real money that users have for buying this special offer to purchase.

11. Features Alliance

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In this feature you can see the people who play in this application as well and became an alliance of which users create or others who made it to mutually support each other. This feature will open if the user has reached level 2.

12. Board Ranking
You can see your rankings through the ranking board where you can complain score with your friends. There are two types of rankings you can see, that is global to see the ranking of players from all over the world and local to see the ranking of players from within the country.

source: play.google.com

Well, the review this time also I will give some tips and tricks on her, rarely my right-for tips and tricks hahahah. These tips are intended for beginners yes, because who are proficient must have had his own tricks hahahaa 🙂
The tips are kept for upgrade game play in this application and get the stuff in this game. The trick is when playing the user should position the phone and users with good grip in order to facilitate the game. And users should also stay away from the opponent if the power that users possess insufficient and as much as possible block is stored when not needed.

So what do you think about this game? Come download, play, then do not forget to share, and also comments in the comment column ok 🙂

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