Review Clash of King Game

Review Clash of King Game android apk games

You all already know right with the game called Clash of Clans. in my opinion, since the advent of the direct Clash of Clans booming among lovers of this game, a lot of similar games are popping up, like Castle Clash, Total Conquest, X-War: Clash of Zombies, and more. It is also there in the game Clash of the King, although both have similarities, but of course these two games have their advantages and disadvantages of each.

Not much different from the CoC, CoK (Clash of Kings) has a graph that is admirable. Besides setting the place and the game was different with the CoC, despite having the same genre of game that is real-time strategy. In the world of CoK, we act as a king who was assigned to command a king’s Reich and become the best.


In this CoK game we do not have to build a house to add employees, because it provided. Unfortunately there is only one, and even if there are available two, you have to pay in advance using a coin. Perhaps by playing COK we will slightly reminded of PC games like Age of Empires or Empire Earth.


In this game does not mean you do not need to build anything, because of course you still have to build to expand his kingdom. Development as usual divided into several sections, there is a resource development, military, and defense. Each aspect of the development should be balanced development. When not in your kingdom will not be able to go forward.

As already mentioned in building the kingdom must be balanced. Therefore we also have to build a military force which serves to retain the throne. Not only survive, you will be able to attack the kingdom of others, NPC villages, or monsters that circulate throughout the map. By attacking a monster or NPC villages, eventually you will get the resources in the form of wood or grain.


When the CoC no clan system, then in CoK also exist, but with a different name but it has a similar function, in the name CoK is the alliance. By joining this alliance players can get a lot of advantages, one of which is on the side of the building and development. Suppose the estimate to build a wall lvl. 4 is 30 minutes, with recourse to the alliance estimates construction time can be reduced 2-5 minutes.

In terms of graphics and gameplay that show the outside world as well as the movement of our troops when it will strike. Still, there are shortages behind it. RTS-based game intended only for players who patiently waited, so would not be suitable for those who are more directly played to the point only.


This game can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store on their Android users, and their App Store for iOS users. Come up the throne of your kingdom and win the crown right now!

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