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Review Game Anime Saint Android apk games – Want to feel how excitement fight as Saint Seiya? hmm, then you must try this one game. This game recommended by game browser that allows you to play as a Saint. although the features presented in the browser game is featuring elements like Saint Seiya but not that one of the characters of this game is the character of Saint Seiya. The browser game titled Anime Saint, game genre MMORPG developed by the Great Games and released by Prodigy Infinitech in Indonesia.

World of Anime Saint uses an open world system allowing you to explore the world more freely. But for those of you who play with an internet connection is not good, such a system will make the game very long loaded so that the graphics are displayed in the form of boxes. However, if you’ve managed to download the assets required for the graphics then you will having problems again. so you should choose a good internet connection if it does not want this.

After the game progresses and the characters have reached a certain level, you can choose one of three factions that will determine your mission and vision for the game. The factions include the Star Empire, Empire and Dark Empire Glory. There is no direct influence on the way you feel the character attributes when choosing a faction, but it will affect the game goes ahead. Therefore, choose a faction that best suits your playing style. 🙂

The graphics are displayed on this game is very simple, ranging from character design, environments, monsters and coloring. Even so it does not mean the look of the game is less unsightly yes. because coloration that appear quite pleasing to the eye and did not make eye sore. With this form of big-headed characters and a small body (chibi) graphics and coloring a case that I think is very suitable. Because it looks so much more unique and interesting. Apart from its graphic simplicity, Anime Saint also presents many interesting features.

This game also presents a very helpful feature you play Anime Saint include auto-path finding, auto-quest, auto-skill, Auto-Potion and auto-play which allows the character can automatically fight against monsters. This feature is mandatory that there should be the browser game today. Although sometimes some players do not like the automatic feature as it makes the game so less challenging.

In this game there are two servers that you can choose to play Anime Saint, choose one. The next step is to choose a class and character of the zodiac. There are 3 types of classes you can choose from are Warrior, Mage, and Assassin.

Anime Saint is a browser MMORPG developed by Great Game and will be released by Prodigy Infinitech in Indonesia. The game was inspired by Saint Seiya, anime featuring the hero with the ability of the 12 zodiac signs that are very familiar ears, including cancer, Gemini, Aries, Taurus, Leo, Pisces and several others.

This game presents three classes you can choose from for the adventure are Warrior, Mage, and Assassin. A case that gamers know, Warrior is a class with a high defense with its flagship weapon in the form of sharp swords to protect their members. Mage class is able to issue a very strong destructive magic and healing magic. As well as the latter is the Assassin class, the class that has the speed and attack with a high probability.

In this game there is also an interesting feature to give effect buff based on the zodiac that you select is Horoscope. Every day you will get a 3 buff that can be used to help adventurous character. Buff that maybe you get among other things increase the likelihood of success Enhance rate, quality pet upgrades, battle bonus exp, exp match zodiac, attack, defense, hit rate, dodge rate, critical rate and much more. This feature will always be reset every hour of 3:00 am. Very interesting, right? 🙂

There are things that distinguish between the Saint Seiya anime Saint namely pet system. Pet is a companion while fighting character whose function is to enhance the character’s attributes. You will get your pet after a complete newbie, but if you want to have a pet with super abilities and special then you can buy at the pet shop.

Pet pet has an energy called joy. Whenever used while fighting the joy of pet points will be reduced. you can rest pet pet to fill his joy but if you’re impatient waiting for you to use other alternative is to leave a cookie pet to pet you have.

For those of you who are hungry for power, Goal Zodiac will be a very popular feature. By completing a series of missions that are served on these features, you will get a special set of armor equipped with various attributes that will make your character more powerful attributes.

If you are still not satisfied with the power you have. This time it is the turn of Gear Enhance, features that will strengthen the character fighting equipment by adding the basic attributes that exist in the equipment. To do enhance, you need a special stone as an obligatory requirement. After mastering the game, has a strong and pet supplies are qualified then it’s time for you to demonstrate proficiency in a battle between the team and Guild War Battlefield.

Battlefield is a battle between three camps where the selection camp will be determined randomly by the system when Battlefield starts. To be able to fight on the Battlefield, make sure that your character must have reached level 27 and register in advance at the appointed hour. The faction succeeded in destroying the opponent’s headquarters will earn points to win. The faction who have accumulated 6,600 points worth of advance or faction with the highest points when the battle ends will be determined the winner. The faction will win a special prize and the 10 best characters will receive an additional prize. wow fantastic 😀

Besides Battlefield, Anime Saint also features the battle more challenging and involves a lot of teams that Guild War. Only guild rated 8 great is to be included in this Guild War. Guild War is schedule on Tuesday (allowance), Wednesday (semi-final) and Thursday (finals) at the time and duration you have specified. If your character wants to participate in the Guild War then make sure that you have reached level 27 in advance. Characters that come out when the Guild War took place can not get back to continue the battle.

Such a review can we say about Anime Saint. What are you waiting for? Let’s play and have fun feeling 😀

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