Review Game Arena Masters : Legend Begins android apk games

Review Game Arena Masters : Legend Begins android apk games


Nexon Korea announced today that it has released its competitive mobile real-time strategy game Arena Masters: Legend Begins worldwide. In Arena Masters, players duke it out in “gladiator-style” combat while attempting to navigate various “traps and tricks” hidden around the arena. The game boasts that it features no dungeons, instead offering only fast-paced PvP combat.

Nexon Releases New Mobile Game Masters Arena: Legend Begins, In the year 2017, started many emerging mobile game Battle Arena packed in an interesting game. There is a kind of MOBA ala League of Legends, there are also like Dota. This time, Nexon also released a new Battle Arena game for mobile which is similar to Bloodline Champions. The game is titled Arena Masters: Legend Begins!


In this game, players can enter a real-time exciting battle arena. Players will compete with other players by fighting. But not just a casual battle, because in the Masters Arena, you can set the right strategy to be able to finish off your enemy optimally. This game also features a battle with a fast tempo, plus presented with stunning animations.

The game control itself is similar to other mobile game-style action games. There is a virtual pad on the left of the screen that you can use to navigate your Hero. As for the action, there are several buttons to provide attack and shortcut skills on the screen to the right. Because of the easy control of this game, players can freely to set the strategy in the battlefield.

Battle field in the game Battle Arena is also unique and diverse. There are places that narrow, there is a wide, until there is a hole trap. How many objects also limit the movement of players. That you can use to fool your enemy too. In accordance with the title, this game allows you to become the ruler of the Arena!


Arena Masters features six different modes, four of which were mentioned in the press release. There is the free-for-all Duel Arena mode, the four or six player Team Deathmatch mode, the Zombie Virus mode that the tasks players with surviving a “deadly virus,” and King of the Hill. These six modes will feature games that are not monotonous so you will be hooked to play them again and again. Here is an explanation of some game modes that are available and you can choose:

* Duel Arena: A battle royal match mode, all contestants will compete with each other, until there is one player who survived the winner.
Team Death Match: This mode allows players to form teams that contain two or three players. They will compete with other teams.
* Zombie Virus: Players will act as zombies and survivors. Each has a different task, zombies must transmit the virus to all survivors. While the survivors have to fight to save their lives.
* King of the Hill: The players will merge into one to complete the main task given from the beginning.


The game boasts a total of “13 unique heroes with unique special abilities” and an assortment of costumes to outfit your characters with. It also features a wide variety of emojis that can be used during matches.

Conclusion: Arena Masters: Legend Begins is a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games, launches the highly addictive, real-time mobile strategy game Arena Masters: Legend Begins.


* Strategic real-time PvP action: Players master a multitude of unique heroes and stages to dominate the ever-changing matches through the use of hero tags, calculated skill targeting and by mastering each characters’ unique skill combinations;
* Six unique PvP battle modes to conquer: Play and survive in addictive game modes such as ‘Duel Arena’, which gives competitors a free-for-all battle royale where the last one standing wins; ‘Team Death Match’ is an epic team skirmish for four or six players; ‘Zombie Virus’, players must fight time and other to survive a deadly virus; and ‘King of the Hill’, players must join forces to accomplish the main goal;
* Play and express oneself using all-new hero emojis: Invite, play and chat with friends and competitors from around the world with new community features and the all-new hero emojis;
* Unique customizable heroes: Personalize more than 13 unique heroes with unique special abilities and a collection of costumes; mix and match heroes to create powerful teams;
* Complete control: Arena Masters: Legend Begins eliminates the auto-play system to give players ultimate control to use each character’s skills and personal strategies to overcome the competition.

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