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Review Game Castle Clash android apk games

Castle Clash is a simulation and strategy game that is generally similar to the game Clash of Clans, which is one of the highly successful mobile game. This is evidenced by the many games similar to Clash of Clans circulating in cyberspace. One is the Castle Clash: Age of Legends. Although it has a type of art or art style that is different but the base and also the gameplay of this game is the same. Namely strategize in real time both the defense strategy and the strategy of resistance.

Castle Clash offers combat experience with royal background. With 10 million players worldwide, and can make you become addicted to this game. Castle Clash own and it is Game Epic! Recruit your warrior and hero to lead your troops. Be the top and become King of the best in the World. Pair with your creativity to make your kingdom strong. Castle Clash supports French language, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and others that will be added again. This application is a free app with in-app purchase. So if you are not the type of person who likes to buy goods in the game you can still enjoy the game. If you are curious please feel free to download this application from the official website according to your mobile phone.


Your goal in this game is to collect the strongest hero and monster mystical forces that are large and small. Build the kingdom by attacking various dungeons and defeat your opponents in Arena. Fighting to be in the top and become King of the strongest in the world.

For its own is actually not much different from the features of mobile gaming in general. Here’s the review:

– Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
– Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
– Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
– Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
– Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
– Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

In addition to the above features, there are also other features such as:

The first time you play will begin by attacking the enemy castle with some cool Hero and many forces that easily penetrate the defenses of the castle and destroy it. Then the differences begin to exist where the starters there are some regular troops destroyed the castle that is quite normal. After we finished fighting then we would be given powers Might that could improve our Title start of Peasant / People headed to the King / King, each title will add Status. Might also be obtained by increasing the level of buildings and train soldiers and heroes.

If in general there is always a Quest in Game android. then Quest game is not here, there are achievement where each of us complete the requirements needed we will be gems. Gems are premium currency in the game, we can also get Gems in the top corner of gift boxes under the Honor badge. Free Gems can be obtained by logging on google + or notify this game to your friends on facebook or other social media applications.



Arena PVP can do to improve the ranking and gain Honor Badge. Build Arena as soon as possible because every hour Honor badge produced by 50 and will increase according to the ranking of the arena.

Single Mode

This game starts from a base. The new players will be given a base that has a minimal defense. At this level, players are expected to perform an upgrade of the buildings it owns as well as hired soldiers soldiers to improve its defenses. In this phase, a phase that is important for the players, because at this level can be used by the player to improve his playing ability. In addition players can better understand the flow of the game as well as a more mature strategy through the training process. This level is referred to as single mode played that are designed to help new players to adapt to the game. In single player mode you can do things that you like for some time. But after time has elapsed, you will get some orders where you must make some changes to focus more on attack or defense. This way is the right way to train the player’s ability to prepare its battle abilities.

Multiplayer Mode

If single mode in Clash Caste aims to improve the skills and learning for the player in Castle Clash’s multiplayer mode you will meet up with other players directly and then do battle. If you are able to survive and win, then you can do the plunder of your enemies. But if you are still new, and at times that are not measurable you face an enemy with a high level you can avoid a fight to him or her. The trick is to pay an amount of gold on the player. After that you can try to find other players who have the same level or lower than you so that you can plunder to collect treasures. Multilevel at Castle Clash Mode is intended so that players can find more resources.


Gold Mine and Mana Mill is the second most important source in this game, which could result in Gold and Mana to be able to buy the building and increase the level of the building. Try to bring the building in order to make a fence with a small amount thereby saving resources.

Hero Altar


Hero Altar is the place to recruit Heroes. The hero has a skill and more resilient than the troops, to be able to recruit heroes Honor Badge obtained from Arena, Raid and Dungeon. Hero who has owned only be used if the battle gets Hero Base The base can accommodate one hero.


Dungeon has a total limit of 5 Energy in which to recover the energy it takes about 20min. Try to target the enemy camp early because most of our troops when they are placed in the wrong place will target the building versus the enemy first.

Army Camp

Army Camp is where you recruit troops and also put your troops. Have a limit on the number of troops and expandable. To open other types of troops you can increase it at the Training Center.

Training Center


Use four types of forces is a strategy to win the battle easily. Guardian is a type of short range forces, Hunter is the type of long-range forces, as well as the type Pyromancer magic user with a major offensive but a little blood, and Treants a barrier type with a large blood. You can send Treants to withstand Tower first, then send more troops to

attack. You can test your castle defenses by attempting Challenge where waves of monsters will come from all directions to destroy your castil. Recommended after having a strong defense. Buildings have been destroyed will be restored but the troops who have died can not be back.

Relic Hall


Relic Hall is the place to buy a useful aid when fighting skills. This game is very good but it takes time to be able to build a strong castle, play this game reminds me of the game because the game Ikariam browser also takes time to build an empire.

Although it is one game clone of the popular game but this game is still enjoyed by its users, it is evident from the high rating given by the user. This rating can be seen from the google play in which this application was downloaded by over 3.5 million people with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.


Even so, it does not mean this game does not have a shortage, because of shortage must always be at every game. One of the big hole in the game Castle Clash is part of combat. When you are going to fight or combat you will move some units in the battle. There are some who would demolish the building and some are going to attack. You only need to touch on your unit and nearby structures that need to be demolished, then you just have to wait for them to do their job well. The units are placed on the building will be the focus of his work. Even when another attacker units in crisis and attacks by the enemy then they are the units already placed will not budge despite their other units attacked. This of course will cause unnecessary defeat in a fight.

You can enjoy this game on android phones or phone Iphone. It’s easy once you just need to download from the online installer application that is google play on Android and iTunes for iPhone mobile phone.

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