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Review Game Chicken Scream Android apk Games

are you stressed? or dizzy because of work? or dizziness because the exam? hmm seems like you have to try the game that this viral. It’s not a secret anymore that Play games so one way of relieving stress. If you play a powerful yet so moodbooster, then you should try the Chicken Scream. This viral game smartphones predicted potent relieve stress while studying. Therefore, you will be prosecuted to many shouting! Curious?

British comedian Joe Tasker became one of the people who make the games Chicken Scream viral. But, since its release on March 27, 2017 by developer Perfect Tap Games, Chicken Scream liked. Most players also upload their excitement to play in social media. As a result, endless-running game format is more viral. From there we can see how they whisper, shout, to sing for the sake of making a chicken that appears on the screen moves. This game is very pleasant because it makes the players more active.

you know what? This game was also able to beat the rating of Super Mario Run occupying the no.1 position as the best selling Android game and Chicken Scream is in the 2nd position, rating that seem to have a difference of 1.2. yup today, exactly on 18 April 2017 Super Mario Run has a rating of 3.4 while the Chicken Scream has a rating of 4.6. but I think both are very interesting game to play. because I like both hahahaah


At first glance, this game is the same as the other running games. With a simple two-dimensional graphical display, we just told to control the motion of a chicken that acts as a player to get past obstacles. Well, the way to control the unique and super exciting. Instead of tapping or stroking the screen, we have to use voice commands. Woah!

With a single format game play, Chicken Scream is not got the level of level. We just have to reach as far as possible in order to score higher. If you want the chicken way, we must talk softly. When you wish the chickens jump, we have to shout or speak words of emphasis and intonation are high! Sounds easy right?


Although free utter any word, we have to ensure the accuracy of intonation appropriate timing. The game ended when the chickens “dead” because it failed to pass the obstacles. Typically, this happens because the player wrong timing. Although not have a degree level, we could have another cock character purchasing. The requirement, we must have sufficient coins from running. Because Chicken Scream do not have in-app purchase, we can not buy character with money or credit. But, we could occasionally play the wheel of fortune that helped us to increase the coffers of coins briefly why.

source: YouTube

Until now, ratings and testimonials Chicken Scream satisfactory. The majority admitted that this game downloader potent relieve stress and boredom. Create the best results, make sure you’re not playing in a crowded place yes. Because the sounds around you, would reduce the accuracy of the timing when the control chickens. Also make sure you’re not addicted and deliverance screaming at school. Happy screaming and playing!

I am sure we will see the idea of voice and sound being implemented into gaming more. It adds a whole new dimension and layer to the games and allows it to enter the real world a bit more than originally would have. It’s a neat idea that brings something fresh and new to the gaming scene. I feel that if this feature was brought into all genres of gaming more, we would be progressing in the right direction.

Sure you’ve been curious, right? hurry up play and feel the sensation 🙂

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