Review Game Chips: Monster Tap

Review Game Chips: Monster Tap android apk games

Ever heard of Dragon Capital Center? Headquartered in Mangga Dua Square, this company once led a social media named Ciayo. Unfortunately, these products lack all that behavior, and they are now swerved so an online comic sites. In order to more attempts to swerve, Dragon Capital Center eventually create a mobile game named CHIPS: Monster Tap.

CHIPS: Tap Monster is a mobile gaming genre artificial idle clicker Dragon Capital Center. This game revolves around the earth in danger because of vicious monsters attack and try to take the planet. In this game, players will play as Chips and friends to restore peace earth as before.

This game has a two-dimensional graphics are very polished, smooth animation, and a neat control panel and not disturb course of the game. In addition, the sensitivity of the tap is also very nice where the faster a player doing a tap, the faster the repair robot in the hangar or given to a monster attack. Another interesting thing is presented by CHIPS: Monster Tap is a stage that must be passed by the player. To be able to finish each stage, the player must have a capable robot first. If stuck at a certain stage, the player can focus on the hangar to develop a robot until sufficient ability to be used to attack monsters. In addition, the game also brings the features of “Hold” which allows a player to take a break from tapping activities are “blindly”.


CHIPS: Monster Tap split the game into two innings. The first round is to build robots that we need, and the next round is a battle against the giant monster block. To deal with the monsters, Chips and you have to create a cutting-edge robot. But at the same time, Chips are also required to build a hangar for the place makes the robot. The better the hangar, the faster and cutting-edge robot created anyway. Robot consists of four parts, namely the cockpit, torso, arms and legs. Players can combine any part of it in accordance with the strategy. Players can get a robot part of defeating monsters. We can make the robot as strong as possible by collecting the parts robot that was dropped by boss monsters. The stronger your robot, the stronger the attack that you can also embarked on enemies. To accelerate the development process of the robot, you need to tap it repeatedly. The process of building this robot can be upgraded with coins in order to run faster.


In addition, the robot also has an active skill that can be used to attack monsters, and earn gold. There are six active skills possessed robots, namely Energy Cannon (damage instantly into monsters), Chimpion Call (quick blow a few seconds), Destroy Mode (increase opportunities critical to the monster), Arsenal Boost (damage per second increases a few seconds), Gatling Boost (damage per tap increases a few seconds), and gold Digger (gold per tap increases a few seconds). For all you know, every active skill has a very long cooldown after use. So it takes time to use it again.


After having robots are ready to fight, you can directly launch into battle. When fighting, you again have to do a tap quickly so that you can attack the enemy quickly. Just as the process of building a robot, you can also do the upgrade in order to damage you more pain and faster enemy to be defeated. There are a variety of monsters that will be faced by Chips and comrades, from which shaped toilet tissue, cactus, crab cakes, ice cream, broccoli, rice cooker, umbrellas, crusty bread, potatoes, burgers, monkeys, cockroaches and many more. Monster is also divided into three types, namely ordinary monsters, mini-bosses (appearing at the end of each stage) and the boss (appearing every multiple stage 10). In order to confront the monsters, the player must constantly improve the quality of the robot. Players in need of gold (gold, logo G) to improve the quality of the hangar and robots.

When dealing with the boss, there is the possibility of robot arms corrupted by it. When the weapon is damaged, you will lose the damage and special effects of the weapon. But you can fix it with a number of weapon damage Caps (logo C). If you do not pretty much have the Caps, inevitably you have to wait for several hours until it was repaired weapons. After the time required for repairs have been exhausted, then you can re-use these weapons. Sometimes, there are UFOs that appeared in the garage. When a UFO on-tap, then you will get the coin. These coins again could be duplicated by viewing video ads provided beforehand.


At the end of the battle, we will be treated with three capsules containing prizes, such as Gold or robot components that can be installed to strengthen our robot. Actually, we can choose two capsules bonus, subject to watch video ads provided beforehand.

Each bar robot building the above can be met, then we will get coins that can be used to purchase upgrades. If you find it difficult to get the money, you can also buy Caps which are IAP (in-app purchases) in this mobile game. In addition to these two ways, you can also get a coin or Caps by completing the challenge posed by this game.

For you fans of idle clicking genre game, Game Chips: Tap Monster can you make as a pretty good reference 🙂 Have a nice play guys :* 🙂

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