Review Game Clash of Clans

Review Game Clash of Clans android apk games

You certainly is not foreign anymore right with one game in? yup, this game is very popular for all people, children, adolescents, adults, even though parents must have had this game

Clash of Clans or what we often call the COC is a strategy game that has a background story at the time of the Barbarian. In the strategy game on this one, we will be a village leader who has the task to develop the village as well as protect the village from barbarian invasions. In addition to survive attacks from opponents, we are also able to attack our opponents or other villages. As a strategy game in general, Clash of Clans Hack we must create strategies so that our village is not easily penetrated by opponents and we can also attack and beat other villagers. This is a challenge that is on this one game.


First, you have to do is build your own village. When you want to build a village, then you need money to buy any needs, the money is called the Gems. To be able to get these gems, you must first perform the missions given Clash of Clans Mod, when you successfully carry out its mission and you will receive useful gems to build the village. But take it easy, because at the beginning of the game, eventually you will get two builder for free, so you do not need to buy it.

If you think you have to have an army that is quite a lot, then you can use it to attack another village in this game. With you attack another village, then you will have the opportunity to be able to get Gold and Elixr that much of it comes from the Gold Mine and Elixr Collector, Gold and Elixr it will be useful for you to build your village. So, you should always upgrade your Elixr collector gold mine and in order to accommodate all the gold and Elixr you get after successfully attacking other villages.

In the COC android game, there are several menu on the right and left. On the left side of the game Clash Of Clans is the menu: Messages, war Menu, Menu overview troops and also menus for Attack. On the right side there is a menu editor defensive positions, Archive, Settings, and also shop. Shop On the menu there are several items or equipment that can be purchased either using Elixir and use gold, players can also purchase gold or elixir in Treasur menu.


Shop menu option Resources are buildings that can be purchased include Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, Builder Hut, Dark Elixir Storage, Elixir Storage, Storage and Dark Elixir Gold Drill. On Decorations Shop menu there are some buildings that can be purchased such as flag, fans, flowers and so forth. Army Shop in the menu there are some buildings that can be built using either the elixir and gold that is the Army Camp, Laboratory, Barbarian King, Dark Spell Factory, Barrack, Spell Factory, Dark Barrack, Archer Queen.

On the menu Defense there are some buildings that can be built are: Cannon, Wall, Bomb, Spring Trap, Archer Tower, Mortar, Air Defense, Wizard Tower, Water Bomb, Giant Bomb, Seeking Air Mine, the X-Bow, Air Sweeper, Hidden Tesla , Skeleton Trap, Inferno Tower. While the menu Shop Shield there are some protections can we buy are 5 days, 35 days and 10 days, all of which can be purchased by using gem.


You can use you have in your Elixr android games to be used for research activities that exist in the laboratory, from kegiata this research will make us stronger forces that will allow us to attack another village. With a strong army, then the chances of us winning the battle will be even greater. Do not forget, you also have to meet specific achievement in the game such as upgrading the storage of gold, reaching 50 stars, then we have managed to steal gold and Elixr from other villages, and many more. When all the achievement that you do succeed, you will get gems that can be used to buy a builder to build your village. COC is an android game that is often played in groups or Clans which aims to help each other in attacking opponents. Players can raise the level of level or trophy from league play. To increase the number of trophy / trophies earned, players must win if you do the Attack, or at least can destroy Town Hall enemy so get 1 star. You can also join the other clan that can make your army more powerful. By joining a clan to another, then we will get a lot of information that can be used to make your army more powerful. You can also get troop and troop share with another clan that makes more progress more quickly and easily block the opponent’s attack.


Come play and don’t let others beat you 🙂 be the strongest

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