Review Game Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Review Game Despicable Me: Minion Rush android apk games

Who does not know with the film Despicable Me, the film is so popular right end developers make the game too. Game for iOS and Andoid devices, namely Despicable Me. The game titled Despicable Me: Minion Rush. The main role of which is used as a character in the game is Minion, henchmen of Gru. Gru is a super villain who turns into a benevolent figure.

Minion is a character with a form like yellow beans, in addition to the eyes, mouth, hands, feet and clothing. Rather difficult to distinguish between Minion shape with each other, unless they use a different costum. I think it’s more like a minion characters capsules hahahah

In this game, you’ll play as a minion of course kept running. Despicable Me: Minion Rush use controls such as Endless Runner most namely swipe up to jump, swipe down to sliding, swipe left and right. In addition to swipe controls, there are also tilt control, tilt is only used on special conditions just like when the minion turned into a giant, minion pony riding, or surfing on the path to a green color.


Minion Rush is a game of endless runner genre that was developed and published by Gameloft. Games that have been published to the App Store and Google Play on June 13, 2013. In order to play this game, your requires an internet connection, but if it is no update, you can play the game without using the internet. But more is suggested that you should using an internet connection every time play Minion Rush.

By connecting Minion Rush with your Facebook account will give you a bonus in the form of 50 tokens. Tokens are the premium currency to buy items in the Shop. You can also get a free token to do what they’re told. Minion Rush using two viewpoints, namely 3D like when you play the game Temple Run and the viewpoint of 2.5d like in Pitfall. Minion Rush also has 2 Boss Fighting, although only two, but enough to make you feel challenged. Power ups are provided in this game is also quite diverse, ranging from banana vacuum (act like magnets) until pony.

Minion Rush uses two currencies, namely bananas and tokens. Bananas used to upgrade / buy power ups. While the token is used to revive (continue game after game over) or to buy a costume. You can collect bananas easily but will be difficult to find a token in one play. The comparison can be 1:10 to play: p Get ready for grinding super if you do not want to touch the IAP.


Minion Rush gameplay is somewhat similar to Subway Surfers, but with many different features and cuteness of the Minions who sometimes behave adorable whimsical style of speech. Additionally, Minion was also often showed unexpected comical expression.

When running, you can gather as many banana. Banana can be used to buy power-ups which is useful when the games. You can also upgrade power-ups in the Shop in order to effect the better. Games can get power-ups while running or buy it at the time Minion scene began to run. The game will end if Minion hitting obstacles or fall off the track. However, you can return to the track and running again by using tokens, where the number of tokens required is increasing every time you use that opportunity.

Varying levels of difficulty makes Minion Rush becomes a very challenging game. You can not guess what the next hurdle will arise, because the shape of the track is always changing every time you start playing. Due to these games can be linked to your Facebook account, so that you can compete scores with friends who had integrated his Facebook account with Minion Rush.


When running on a normal track, there are three types of trajectories are left, center and right. minion you can move from one lane to another lane to swipe sideways on the touch screen, jump when there are obstacles to swipe up and rolling with a swipe down to avoid obstacles that do not allow Minion to pass him by jumping. At the time of passing through a particular trajectory, Minion can only be controlled by tilting the device. For further explanation of the control, there will be a brief tutorial at the beginning of play, so no need to worry if you’re new to play Minion Rush.

There is a bonus round each players achieve certain targets. In the bonus round you must defeat the boss, if you fail in the bonus round then the game will end. However, you can still use a token if you want to get back into the game. Minion Rush used the term multiplier (time) for the character level, the greater the multiplier owned Minion the more score that can be obtained. Multiplier can be improved by using scores obtained each time running. Scores are needed to increase the multiplier character will always increase, depending on the number of multiplier owned.

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