Review Game Dragon Nest: Saint Haven android apk games

Review Game Dragon Nest: Saint Haven android apk games

Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is a 3D ARPG mobile game, adapted from the famous PC MMORPG Dragon Nest. Dragon Nest was released on April 25, 2017, exactly 5 days ago 🙂 Dragon Nest Saint Haven is a mobile version of its predecessor. Guaranteed to give nostalgia for the lovers of Dragon Nest.

Narrated In the 66th year of King Cassius, the fear of Black Dragon has descended from the citizens’ hearts and minds. Nevertheless, the Dragon Followers are brewing a new conspiracy, intending to suck them into the nightmare again, and cause an unprecedented tour on the continent of Lagendia.
The mysterious Ancient girl, the storied Six Heroes, the foreseen Prophet, the evil Seven Apostles, the resurrected Chaos Dragon … Lagendia is under a cloud of uncertainty.
Sent back through time by the Goddess, what kind of future would the player and the new Heroes rewrite?


Actually this mobile version has been launched a few months back. But it comes with Korean and Thai versions only. So if we do not understand the two languages, guaranteed excitement was lost in the play. In contrast to the PC version of its predecessor, Saint Haven gave only a few initial jobs. But for gameplay is very similar to its predecessor. Player will continue to be forced to enter the dungeon. Although in the open though, but the system is not much different from the dungeon.

Problem gameplay Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is no doubt, this long-time popular game again showed its quality in the android platform with the name Dragon Nest: Saint haven recently in this release. I think the game Dragon Nest: Saint Haven must be said is a very good game, because the gameplay of this game is very smooth and a lot of effects given to add different excitement and sensation when playing it.


The game that ever plunged in this PC is very guarantee the quality of the game including gamplay and grapik it, so this can be the main attraction so many people are interested to play this game.

In the Dragon Nest game: Saint Haven must be familiar with the epic storyline where we feel challenged in following every major quest in Dragon Nest game: Saint Haven and it seems in Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is not much different from the game that in PC. Overall almost similar 🙂

Dragon Nest Game Features: Saint Haven:
Broadly featured in Dragon Nest: Saint Haven is almost the same as that on pc, but there are slight differences and changes given due to different platforms.

Here are some features that come in the Dragon Nest game: Saint Haven:

– Dungeon
– Party
– Friend
– Multiplayer
– An interesting event

and many others feature hihihi 🙂

Job that can be used on Dragon Nest: Saint Haven there are 4 types. These jobs are Warrior, Archer, Cleric and Sorceress. But later the main player will be assisted by hero-recruits that can be found in the quest journey.

1. Warrior


Character warrior is a character that plays close combat using a sword. This character uses attack power or attack damage, has a very large damage compared to other characters.

2. Cleric


Cleric is a character that has the ability or magic skill. Cleric is a character that uses a close type attack.

3. Sorceress


Sorceress is one of the female characters who use the ability or magic skill and use the type of remote attack. Yak as the name implies, this character is a witch.

4. Archer


Archer is one of the female characters born of the Elf. He is a beautiful and beautiful archer. Archer uses Attack power capabilities and uses remote attack types.

What are you waiting for guys??? come play the game 🙂

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