Review Game Dungeon Hunter 5

Review Game Dungeon Hunter 5 android apk games

Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the most anticipated game in 2015. The most interesting facilities of this game is the player’s ability to build up a dungeon of his own. The players can attack each dungeon that has been built to test its strength. Players can fill their dungeons with minions and the last boss in the dungeon is the character of the player himself. Enemies who overcame all will be able to steal the treasure.

Dungeon Hunter 5 The picture quality was excellent and no doubt because of the previous series Dungeon Hunter also looks stunning. Music and sound effects are also very supportive of the thrill of the battle in this game. Unfortunately, the size of Dungeon Hunter 5 is quite fantastic, reaching 1.4 Gb. The internet connection is stable and fast is indispensable to ensure players can download to complete.


A short story about Dungeon Hunter 5: Attack of the devil into the kingdom Valenthia been foiled, but a state of disarray and the world was on the verge of collapse. Only the heroes of the guild Bounty Hunter who keep the peace until today. Only with the sword of the devil guild leader can be forced back into the darkness so that the city can be rebuilt.

In the game Dungeon Hunter 5 has a new feature where players can create their own the dungeon than that every player can also attack the dungeon belonging to other players. For the quality of the game Dungeon Hunter 5, you do not have to ask me again because of the quality of the gameplay and graphics of Dungeon Hunter series has been well known to those mobile players. In the dungeon you can fill it with minion. Minions will function as yours dungeon guard guys. So when the enemy tries to enter your dungeon. The enemy will face first minion. If the minion you have fallen. Your main character will be the last to be combated Boss your enemies before they managed to steal your treasure.


Mission contained in Dungeon Hunter 5 game is quite difficult. You should see the advice element in every mission so that the character can more easily defeat the opponent. And besides looking at the suggestions of elements, you also have to make frequent fusion on the item. One suggestion I tell you, do not ever sell your items in the game’s Dungeon Hunter 5. Because at a certain level you will desperately need these items for fusion and evolution. In addition you can also choose a partner to help you in the dungeon.

In this game Dungeon Hunter 5 you will play as a hitman, and the royal command you to defeat the demons who are currently invading the kingdom. Your first mission began when one of the traitors staged a coup, and you’re assigned to him alive.


At the beginning of the game Dungeon Hunter 5 you will create a character first. There is a female character and a male that you can select. After that there is a choice of weapons, when selecting this weapon you can choose a very cool 5 weapons and each weapon has the advantages of each. For element, the first time playing the game Dungeon Hunter 5 you have the element of lightning on weapons and bracer. So you can not select elements in the game Dungeon Hunter 5, everything depends on the elements of weapons, armor, and other equipment you are using. Here players can beat the opponent to one’s heart’s content, and of course the effects of these elements will be the main attraction in the game Dungeon Hunter 5. Moreover, if the character you already have a good item, you certainly will be more enthusiasm to play.


In order for weapons and items that you have of getting stronger, you can do a fusion to improve the status of your items. To do this fusion you have to sacrifice other items to strengthen the item you want to increase your status. In addition there is also Evolution Fusion, with Evolution you can have a weapon with a better class again. For example, if you have a weapon 1 with evolution you can increase that to Save 2. And of course the view from your weapons will be more frightening. If you are confused to buy weapons or other items in the game’s Dungeon Hunter 5. You can buy it through the chest. And the contents of the chest containing an assortment of items, but unfortunately the items that you get you can not choose, aka random. Aside from the Chest you can also get items from the mission.

You’re not going to distance themselves in this game. There is a co-operative gameplay modes that other users can join your mission. Interesting is not it! have a nice play 🙂

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