Review Game Elgard android apk games

Review Game Elgard android apk games

Elgard is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game type game that you can play in your android device. Here you will be adventuring, fighting, making friends, and completing missions with your friends.

This game revolves around Veltus which is one of the gods who have entered the human realm called Ella with the aim of conquering it. Because they do not want to be dominated, then people fight and you as a player will use the existing character to prevent Veltus action.

The story in this game will progress every time you take on a mission spread across the townspeople. In addition to the mission, you can also be adventurous by selecting the “Field” option. While adventuring, you can collect experience points and collect money by defeating the monsters. Since this is a MMORPG game, you can adventure with your friends to make it more fun and easy.

In the game you have to create a character, but before that you must first log in before creating a character. Like the MMORPG in general, there are many types of characters to choose from, ranging from close-range fighters, long-range fighters, magical attackers, or more supportive characters. There are 6 characters you can create, but only one can be played each time. By accumulating experience point, you can strengthen your character as you wish. You can choose to strengthen your attack power, endurance, or energy. These choices make your character development unlimited. Moreover, other players also have their own development. As a result, no characters are really the same, so the game becomes very diverse.

Characters are driven using a virtual pad. The button on the left of the screen is to move the character. Attack using other buttons. In this case, Elgard is similar to action games such as Zenonia that allow players to directly attack enemies on the screen. You can also take out the moves if you have learned them, or use your possessions to heal yourself or strengthen the attacks. The problem is, this game uses very many buttons. You can assign a button to be a shortcut key to issue a moment or use an item. So later, there are very many buttons that fill the screen. In addition to less good views, these buttons can be pushed accidentally with ease.

The game starts with a game introduction explaining the story and background of the Android Elgard MMORPG by the developer to the player to get to know Elgard better. After the introduction of the game is complete, then the player is given tutorial how to play and soon launched into the game world Elgard.

This touchscreen-based game which will make it easier if the game is played on a wide screen. If the smartphone screen is small, then the menu will look very small and will really inconvenience the player when playing this game. Players will play not with maximum ability. The battle in this game is set in real time. The area of ​​war in this game is divided into small areas. You as a player are advised to be careful when in the war area because it will be very difficult when it must move forward. At least make sure that the area in front of you is safe, then you go forward. The controls used in this game are very easy, when used to move and also attack. So you do not have to bother to spend some special time in knowing the controls in this game.


The visual effects on this game are excellent. Although not created with 3D effects, this game shows the elements of art on the characters created. The characters that are created are really made very well. In addition, this game also fired to the player a cool animation πŸ™‚ The sound that exists shows the quality of solid music in an effort to accurately describe the struggle of human beings against the gods. The voices in Elgard are created differently according to the atmosphere of the place and situations encountered which as a whole still refers to the theme of the struggle. Elgard gameplay has a very good core and is accompanied by the depth of skill each class has to offer.

Excess MMORPG Android Elgard lies in the classic RPG design, character and animation design, and MMORPG gameplay. It will be very interesting for fans of the classic RPG and MMORPG fans of online games. Disadvantages of this game lies in the growing issues surrounding internet connection problems and also server problems that sometimes have problems. Overall this game is very worth to play.

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