Review Game EvilBane: Rise of Ravens

Review Game EvilBane: Rise of Ravens android apk games

Last year exactly on 7 April 2016 ago, one of the fight game magic the most awaited by lovers of the game is finally officially released, namely Evilbane: Rise of the Ravens. You will be given a snippet of the story briefly before downloading games measuring 384 mb at once giving tips to start the game smoothly. Netmarble Games, publishers are increasingly focusing on mobile gaming industry has finally been officially released, titled Blockbuster Action RPG EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens in Indonesia. For players who have been very wait for a game EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens, this is encouraging news, because now is the time you download the game on your Android.


Although it takes a little more storage memory, but right after the download, then you will be presented with a graphic design which is very sharp and beautiful in the world EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens. Provided three characters who have the ability and the different styles and can be selected in accordance with the wishes or tastes. Once you have selected the desired character, then you will be given a stroyline or a story with images sharp and attractive. A short story from the story is that you as a player with the selected character will return to the kingdom with the teachers in order to meet the daughter after wandering into the world for 20 years.

When he met the daughter, there is a little bit cumbersome event of war with the god of darkness named Lucifer will come suddenly. There, your teacher will fight against Lucifer while you save the princess. But when you come back, you’re dead teacher was defeated by Lucifer. After that, the god of darkness will go away and leave a strong army and your task is to defeat. When you have to battle against the army, the game system will turn into real-time combat gameplay with a variety of stunning effects and high image quality. All stories or storyline-related features in a very exciting adventure mode to follow and does not need to skip.


Beginning of the Adventure Mode, where you should continue to fight against the evil monsters who also want to master Heavenstone. From battles in Adventure Mode, you will experience a wide range of the background story EvilBane game: Rise of the Ravens. Of course, to increasingly bring you into the story, there are movie scenes and conversations between characters with different characters involved in EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens. In this mode you will get EXP along with items cool. In addition, the higher level of the conquered stage will take us to access other modes that did not exist before, such as Raid, Dungeon, the Daily Challenge, Arena and Guild.

Its the same thing as other adventure games, Evilbane also features Auto-Battle feature. With these features, you do not bother to move the character, because the character will move automatically to follow the every stage of his battle. Interestingly, you not lose control completely, because it is important in times when you still can press the skills to kill monsters more quickly or use a pot when the character runs out of Health Point. Of course your journey in Adventure Mode will not run smoothly just like that, because there are times when you will face difficulties faced when monsters get stronger. For that you also need to play in another mode to find armor and weaponry that could offset stage in Adventure Mode.


EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens is presented Raid Mode. Where, when playing a sudden we would be offered to follow-Raid to defeat the more challenging monsters. In Raid Mode of course we are not alone, some characters will accompany us to fight a boss monster in Raid Mode. Prizes offered from winning Raid of course very spectacular, because to follow its course Raid indefinite time and will be based on the system.

Dungeon. Like a dungeon in general, you will be faced with different monsters that have a Boss Monster in it. If successful, of course, there will be a reward in the form of cool items that will strengthen your character in EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens. However, players can only play in the dungeon of 20 times because of the limitations of stamina given. To enter the dungeon more than that, you have to wait for a few minutes until the stamina to repopulate or use stamina potions.

Challenging the latter mode is the Arena, in this mode payers will be challenged to fight the other characters in a league to compete for points. Of course, the highest point will take player on top rankings, as well as the opportunity to have a cool item that has been prepared in EvilBane game: Rise of the Ravens. Of course, the opponent you the other players randomly selected and performed offline or arguably indirectl


Overall, this game does give satisfaction to players, Sensation seeking cool armor and battle against monsters are very exciting in every story. Complacency and curious about the sequel makes you feel like to be the most powerful in EvilBane: Rise of the Ravens.

Interested to try? let’s download and be the strongest! 🙂

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