Review Game Final Odyssey Apk android games

Review Game Final Odyssey Apk android games

Final Odyssey is a mobile action MMORPG that presents many excellent features like PC-based online game dungeon. Games are present on Android and iOS devices is equipped with a user interface that is easy to operate on mobile devices.
When the first sign, there will be an opening scene that tells about the background story of the game, and the reason you have to fight during the game. After that, then you will get into the tutorial for the first battle.

In Final Odyssey game, you will have an adventure and against a collection of bandit forces the enemy, the devil, and the god who wants to destroy the world. Arcadia to save the world, you must gather the scattered heroes in the world of Arcadia, build strength and design strategies to fight the enemy. There are dozens of hero that you can collect, so be prepared for a long journey full of challenges.

Final Odyssey tells the battle between the two sworn enemies, Jin and Kyo. Without them knowing it, fighting it create a seal Youdu gate (door to a world of darkness) is open. They are forced to put aside their enmity because they stand in front of the giant Demon Ashura. They must work together to defeat the monster, because the whole world Arcadia lives are at stake. Your task is to help Jin and Kyo to defeat the Demon Ashura and sealed back gate Youdu forever.

Every hero in the game Final Odyssey has the ability and the way each story is very interesting to follow. Features such as the interaction and real-time PVP mobile MMORPG make this game more complete and competitive.

During the battle, the maximum characters that can be controlled only three characters, but you can also have more than three characters. Each character has a type, that fighter, caster, guard, and support. You can also combine the character of the team at will in accordance with the strategy.

In online multiplayer features are the service “Voice Chat” that allows you to communicate with other players by pressing the microphone symbol on the left side of the screen. Voice Chat is easier because you can give instructions to the team to do something quickly. so that communication will be easier than using the chat feature it will be very troublesome.I think this is the most intelligent games I’ve ever played, but because of the voice chat feature, Final Odyssey also has other features such as set commands that should be run automatically, and which commands must be done manually. in addition, the game also features a “regroup” that can be used to give orders to the characters to come together and make the initial pharmacy so it’s easier to be controlled.

This game actually minimal flaws, but sometimes a bit difficult when looking for a group to carry out the mission dungeon. The mission requires a minimum of three players in a team. The mission actually also be solved alone or alone with other players, by using the Auto Join, so you do not need to constantly monitor the game.

In the early 2017’s, free-to-play MMORPG titled Final Odyssey mobile has been launched in some areas of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. English game for Android and iOS devices.

Final Odyssey became the first game to be published QEON. Fanpage of the game itself has begun to slide from the date of December 19, 2016 yesterday. Role as defenders of truth in the epic battle between good and evil, you can play together with your friends or choose three favorite hero among dozens of others available in Final Odyssey. You also can run a variety of quests and exciting game modes, explore the vast world and live a fierce battle with a variety of cool items to be collected.

Let’s play and feel the sensation of adventure to fight monsters now 🙂

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