Review Game Gods of Rome android apk games

Review Game Gods of Rome android apk games

The success of Injustice: Gods Among Us and Marvel Contest of Champions have attracted Gameloft’s interest in creating new fighting games with similar gameplay, but in different backgrounds and ideas. It has been realized in a game titled Gods of Rome, a game that has been present for android-based mobile devices and IOS, and is planned to be present also in Windows Phone. In early December 2015, Gameloft has released a mobile game fighting genre called Gods of Rome.

The difference between the Gods of Rome and other fighting games, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Marvel Contest of Champions, is the story and character. Gods of Rome took the background of the battle between the gods and the heroes of the Roman faith. There are many gods that you can use to fight such as Zeus the God of Lightning, Hades, Athena, Apollo, Prometheus, Minotaur, Talos to the legendary heroes of the past such as Alexander the Great.


In this game you will be taken into a journey where in each step, the player will meet with one particular god. The choice of god is randomly selected. Some folders provide a two-way option, so to be able to complete the entire folder, players must repeat, playing in the same folder by taking a different path. Winning story mode means the player will get a prize of ichor, which is pointless to raise the level of player character.

In this game, players will be invited to play as The Ascenders. What is the power of The Ascenders? He is the one who can awaken the gods, revive the monster, bring the heroes of the past, which then you can use to fight each other using all his strength. For now, there are three game modes found in the Gods of Rome; Story mode, special events and player versus player or pvp.

As Ascender, players can summon, uplift and manage the gods, monsters, heroes and other mystical fighters in battle against evil forces that threaten. Combat trips through extraordinary locations, such as Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, the Coliseum and much more.


The power of character is everything to the Gods of Rome. In each character profile, there will be a number indicating the strength of the character. This is what players need to pay attention to. Players do not need the special ability to win every battle, which the players have to prepare is only the magnitude of the numbers displayed. The bigger the number the better, and I guarantee you will win the game very easily.

Gods of Rome offers fighting games with next-gen 3D graphics and best art for mobile. Enjoy a customized mobile experience, using the entire screen to your liking with responsive touchscreen controls capable of providing serial attacks and combos when necessary.


A special event is a mode where players will be given the opportunity to complete an event within a specified time range. Winning special events will make players get more promising prizes than winning story modes only. But, at a special event, the enemies that will meet players will be more challenging and tough.

As I have explained above that players can fight through pvp game mode. This new mode will open after the player passes level 6. Here, players can choose two battle modes, one on one or three against three. There is no provision on how strong the player’s character is to enter the pvp arena, so make sure you select the strongest character. Winning this mode means players will get prizes in the form of keys and some other items. Lock can be used to unlock new characters. Lock can be used to unlock new characters. And the open character is random. So if lucky then the player will get a very strong hero, but if not, players will get the same two heroes.


Full control on the Gods of Rome is already made specifically for comfortable use on the touch screen. Therefore, players will be facilitated with his control. To perform a quick attack, players can tap on the right side of the screen. While the swipe to the right is used to launch a normal attack. To perform a heavy attack, players can do tap then hold. To deflect, do a swipe to the left so that the character will move backward, away from the opponent. And lastly, a special attack, which can be used after the special bar at the lower left full end, can be activated by tapping on the special bar button itself.

Gods of Rome is a freemium game, it means this one game is also not free from the IAP. There are three IAP models available to the Gods of Rome; Gems, gold, and keys. Gems, as a very rare thing, can be used to buy everything. You can unlock new characters, recover the power of the character, to raise the level.

Gold can be used to raise the level of characters only, once the player gets the ichor. Ichor obtained after the player finished fighting. Collect the ichor so that it can later be combined with gold to boost the character level, which automatically makes the character stronger.

Conclusion: Gods of Rome is a fighting game from Gameloft that puts players in the sandals of some of ancient time’s toughest warriors. Contrary to the name, the characters are not EXCLUSIVELY “Gods of Rome.” In fact, most of the ones I encountered were not even from the Roman pantheon, and some were not even gods. But overall, this game is very cool guys 🙂

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