Review Game Guardian of Fantasy

Review Game Guardian of Fantasy android apk games

Guardians of Fantasy was released by the Game Dreamer Limited, formerly known by the name of this game The Tale of the Lost City in China. Yet it appears to the global version, the publisher changed the title becomes more memorable players. The game is developed by Ledo Interactive.
Interestingly, when you play mobile games have indeed you will feel like I’m playing a Tree of Savior in our grasp. But apparently this game still has an element of originality, it is proved by the many exciting features of mobile style. For example, the auto path and also auto battle, they will facilitate the players in play.


Tree of Savior is one of the most anticipated MMORPG of 2013 ago. Being a spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online, the game is finally released in 2015 in several countries, including Indonesia. Because a lot of demand, the game finally was imitated by many other game developers. One of them is Guardians of Fantasy has just been released on March 20, 2017 this.

As an MMORPG, Guardians of Fantasy also display the class that determines selection of weapons and skills that they have. Of course, it will also determine their role in the game, either as a single-hitter, AOE, or tanker. Until now, this game is not yet showing the support class. The following review:



The main feature of this game is the Quest, which allows players to traverse the major stories of the Guardians of Fantasy. Some quests available include monster beat requested the NPC, looking for items that remain in one place, and so on. Each quest will give you EXP and Gold were great, so that makes it easy to increase the level.

For adventure and grinding, this game does not have the stamina or energy system that limits your game. However, for Instance Dungeon, players will be limited by the stamina. During Instance Dungeon, players can get Coupon Raid. With the coupon, the player can complete a mission without having to visit Instance Dungeon manually.




With weapons and heavy armor, they are a class that has always been at the forefront. Backed by HP’s high, the Warrior was able to defeat his enemies with effective from close range. Besides physical attack power and defense they are also very high.

  • Lancer
    As the name suggests, the spear has a bigger damage output compared to Sword Knight. That’s because the Lancer supported by the gods strength! Lancer also has a lethal combo skill that is suitable for a barrage attack. It also has two disable skills that knock down and stun.
  • Knight Sword
    They are slower than the Lancer, but it has higher defense. They are protected by the angels, so many light-based attacks. Shield he was wearing was also employed as a weapon to give stun the enemy!



Shooter is an agile killer that could paralyze an opponent from afar in one shot! Nevertheless, they are very weak in close combat. For that they always keep their distance when fighting the enemy.

  • Crossbowman
    They use a crossbow capable of firing laser to dominate the battlefield! Although slower, the damage they provide very high to his enemies.
  • Archer
    They supported the god of thunder in the fight. Having a lot of AoE attacks deadly and also able menambakan many arrows at once! Also features disable skill that can make fall and also stun enemies.



Controlling the magic that is capable of destroying everything that is bothering him from a distance. Being able to manipulate nature and the elements to attack the enemy. It’s just that they also have the weakest defense in the other class.

  • Elementalst
    They are supported by Balrog to be able to use the capabilities of the fire elemental magic. They have four deadly AoE fire element. In addition to flames, they were also able to bring a sea of fire even though meteor to burn up his enemies.
  • Dark Elementalst
    If Elemental supported Balrog, then Dark Elementalst is precisely the science supporting the dangerous darkness. They master the dark elements and lightning, which makes his death in fear. They have a damage output above Elementalst!



When reaching level 10, you will get your first pet. They are a companion who can you invite to join the fight with you. In total, you can invite up to three Pet simultaneously. They have a different grade, determine their ability to fight. The higher the grade they are, the stronger is their ability. You can get by doing gatcha Pet.

Besides Pet, the Mount is also a loyal friend who can give an additional attribute in the fight. They are also divided into many grades, giving HP, ATK and DEF extra if you use. Additionally, when using Mount, your walking speed will increase dramatically.



Refine feature is also presented this game to improve the ability of gear (equipment) you have. To perform Refine, you must provide Gold and a number of items required to upgrade. You can do Refine high as possible, in accordance with the level of character. Of course, the higher the level of Refine, requiring more materials for the upgrade. Each of your gear will have a score, a determinant of the ability of a person. The higher the score of a player, the higher the ability of the characters.



The game features graphics High Definition (HD), with texture and cool animations. Even the data required to keep this game close to 1GB, so I recommend to prepare an internal memory in the smartphone is yours. Of course, since this game is a MMORPG, then you also need a stable internet connection. For the theme itself, is very similar to the atmosphere Tree of Savior. Players can create their own character, choose a beginning class, talk to the NPC that is able to interact with emoticons, to enjoy the adventure together with other players in the Open World!

To control the game, similar to other mobile action games. Players can navigate the characters manually with the virtual pad on the bottom left of the screen. As for attacking, players can use the virtual pad on the bottom right of the screen, complete with shortcut key character skill use. However, the player can manage to do auto and auto battle path, as I discussed earlier.

Intersted with this game? lets download and play 🙂

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