Review Game For Honor PC games

Review Game For Honor PC games

For Honor is a multiplayer online game with a medieval setting time, which brings the knights of his time. There are at least three knights also exist in the real world. We recognize all three as Knight, Samurai, and Viking. Focus close combat has become its main advantages.

Since it was first announced at E3 2015 and then, For Honor has become a particular concern to players who thirst for the latest genre and not too mainstream. For the genre of Honor itself has a new concept and could be considered a combination of MMO, MOBA, as well as the fighting style of Dynasty Warriors with the theme colossal war relic.

Before the release of For Honor on February 14, 2017, a lot of controversy that invite negative reactions, one of which is the first Ubisoft promises can be played offline for part single player her, finally Ubisoft changed his mind and make this game requires an internet connection that is always a flame or “always online” and will not be played offline.

When announced in the E3 exhibition in 2015, the Ubisoft said that the For Honor will provide the feel of battle as real as possible. Players can feel strong vibrations as you hold the enemy’s attack, slash opponents are on the damage, or the terrible destructive force generated when the offensive end.


In a massive battle, players can work together as a team which is composed of four knights. Overall style of the game is to bring players to the nuances of colossal war. However, do not forget that you will be faced with four opponents knight, whose capacity could be on top of you. Made more real fighting styles so players can not be home at all.

Graphics quality shown is not as much play on the PC. But certainly, the PlayStation version 4, For Honor game itself can be run in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Quality AnvilNext engine also presents an atmosphere of war is increasingly exquisite detail.
Details For Honor sound in the game the players certainly a concern, certainly colossal war atmosphere thick with the cries of the fighters, and Ubisoft can mix it perfectly. Starting from back sound music, sound effects, and other sounds are also very balanced. players will really enjoy the atmosphere of a colossal battle in this game.


For a brief story of Honor: In this game For Honor told the world in turmoil, thus destroying human life. Source of life, such as water, were difficult to obtain, so that when they come across a water source, the three factions will fight each other to get it. Plus there is a suspected party that triggered the war four provocation that added peace in this world is destroyed.

As I described earlier, For Honor Presenting the fight very exciting, realistic and thrilling that focuses on melee combat. Melee combat system is described as “The Art of Battle.” You can not just slash here and there to beat your opponent, it requires precise timing to be optimized in a fight.

For Honor game there are three factions in which each faction has 4 types of classes. Samurai had a class Kensei, Shugoki, Orochi, and Nobushi. Viking Raiders have class, Warlords, Berserkers, and Valkyrie. Knights had a class Wardens, Conquerors, Peacekeepers, and Lawbringers.

For Honor gameplay mechanism can be considered unique and quite difficult if you are not familiar with the game to focus at close range and speed needed to dodge or parry and to counter attack the opponent’s attack. This game has 3 stand, namely the right, left, and top. Well, the purpose of the booth is able to fend off or reversing the opponent’s attack and the goal toward which you attack.


Each class that you choose, it will also determine the skills-skills that you get after reaching a certain score through the kill, assist, or an objective points. When playing as the Warden, you can give a temporary buff for your friend, heal yourself, or specify the location of the shot catapult, to a certain area on the battlefield. While able to throw Kunai Oni, gave poison to the katana, or bombard the enemy with thousands of arrows.

You will use melee weapons are definitely in accordance with the class that you choose. Well, For Honor’s game you can get perks or arguably an achievement that you can later redeem for purchase in-game items.

For the beginning, you have to choose one of three factions items, namely the Vikings, Knights, and then create an emblem of the Samurai as your profile. Emblem on the profile to extinguishing a stronghold, if the circle means in the Viking camp, if the shield means in camp Knight, and if the box then in the stronghold of the Samurai. Then you are going to customize the view class that you choose.

Just like the game in general, which provides multiplayer mode, this game also has a multiplayer mode that is not far different. In the game’s multiplayer mode, there are 5 puz mode which you can select. One is the Brawl mode, this mode is a battle 2 vs 2, you have two enemies can slay you to win. Duel, battle 1 vs 1 where you will come face to face and kill the opponent to win. Dominion, 4 vs. 4 fight where you have to take a certain area and keep it until the game ends. Elimination, 4 vs. 4 battles where you have spent all your opponent to win. There are 3 maps, which also contained a folder that contained an abyss that can be used to get rid of opponents. Do not forget there will also be an AI that will confront you. Of course with the many interests of gamers, Ubisoft future will add a few new folder even the new mode.

Well, in this game you can help the faction that you choose to get power in an area of ​​its territorial and each hour will be updated and you can see which camp will win.

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