Review Game Horizon: Zero Dawn

Review Game Horizon: Zero Dawn PC games

Horizon: Zero Dawn is the latest IP for Sony, which brings the concept of the game in an open world with a very strong storyline, flexible gameplay, beautiful graphics and sound make the game Horizon: The Dawn Zero deserves a perfect score. Game Horizon: The Dawn Zero shall be played by gamers and the game is ready to become a million people. Here, players will experience an RPG game that is packed with new style and a new world, so players will be able to meet the creatures of dinosaurs from ancient times but with a metal bandage over his body.

Guerrilla Games is known as a developer who has created the Killzone series flagship, transformation performed by the studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is indeed very surprising for some observers the game less confident with the work he was doing it.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be set in the year 3017, so that the game tells the world in the year 3017 which has been transformed into a new civilization to contain living organisms such as humans living in small groups Sertan creature robot form, in which the region gameplay Horizon: Zero Dawn comes from the city modern has now been wrapped with the wild and tall trees is seen as the primeval.


Sony does have a lot of exclusive games that will not be present for the PC and console competitors, each of exclusive games that released surely have an iconic character that will be attached to the PlayStation. For example, the character of Kratos from God of War series and Nathan Drake from Uncharted already become an iconic figure for the PlayStation. PlayStation has now regained new iconic characters from the games Dawn Horizon Zero, where in the game there will be a figure of a female character named Aloy which will become the new iconic figure for the PlayStation. In the game Horizon: Zero Dawn every gamer will focus on the characters Aloy with a strong storyline and certainly wrapped with some of the conflicts that make it the main missions and side missions, so players are guaranteed to be made more curious and like to linger in the game.

The story line is raised at the Horizon: Zero Dawn is very interesting, because it has not been applied to other game ever released. Therefore, the story line is the most important asset in this game. Gamers will experience a world of the future, but with the concept of ancient, modern civilization that suddenly disappear would be a big question mark is why in these games are being robots that only attack humans, but around the region there are also other living creatures such as wild boar or rabbit , Question after question that arises before the game is released you will be able to find the answer by itself.


Some of the features offered in the game Horizon: Zero Dawn, but the Guerilla Games is not packaged in an instant, you will really feel all the features gradually with the passage of the storyline. Starting from crafting, hacking, and so on.

Sound, Graphic, GamePlay

In terms of sound nothing is disappointing, because in the Horizon: Zero Dawn you will really feel the quality is excellent, ranging from sound effects, conversation, 3D sound, and more. Music featured in the game Horizon: Zero Dawn very adjusting and not repetitive, so that you will be completely carried away by the song that could change at any time.

If you have a PlayStation 4 and not a PlayStation 4 Pro, the differences generated graphics will be quite different. Horizon graphics quality: Zero Dawn that runs on a version of the PlayStation 4 will still be good, but not as smooth as belonging to the PlayStation 4 Pro. Basically the game Horizon: Zero Dawn has a cool graphic quality, Decima Engine used to develop this game so do not disappoint, every detail in the game is very visible very well. During the game, you will be spoiled with the graphics quality of the Horizon: Zero Dawn like in Final Fantasy XV.

If you ever played the game Heavy Rain is thick with detailed facial animation that is wrapped with a storyline, then the Horizon: Zero Dawn will look similar. Party Guerilla Games wants to prove that the quality of in-game facial animations details Open World RPG which usually have a display quality is not good, now becomes a very important for determining the success of the game. Because in the game Horizon: Dawn Zero itself has a total dialogue conversations between characters with other characters nearly 15 hours, especially facial animation quality details are shown very detailed and sharp almost like real.


Gameplay concept that carried Guerilla Games on the Horizon: Zero Dawn is very unique and of course you have to really feel it, because you will feel a similarity with some games like Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, God of War, Far Cry Primal, The Witcher, Tomb Raider , Metal Gear Solid, Watch Dogs and other big game. You will be able to do battle at close range, long range, stealth, and more. In Horizon: Zero Dawn also will be able to feel how the wild life that started from scratch, like Far Cry Primal. You will be able to do crafting, exploring, leveling, traping, upgrading and hunting are performed by a third person and features a very adjust camera angle so it does not look boring. Horizon Advantage: Zero Dawn is also available on a flexible gameplay, so you will not take long to adapt the gameplay is presented because it is very familiar with other games.


Occurrences game Horizon: Zero Dawn has become a very special for owners of the PlayStation 4, because the game is indeed present exclusive for the console made by Sony. The hype created for a game made by Guerilla Games are also the same as the series Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End-owned Naughty Dog, so no wonder Sony wants to really ensure that exclusive game can give a very special that never existed in the game releases be multiplatform. Therefore, the sacrifice for six years because the team Guerilla Games has managed to keep a secret that the development project will greatly paid off with the success of the game Horizon: Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4. As you know, Guerilla Games have created a game Killzone Shadow Fall with good quality but the game Horizon: the Dawn Zero, Guerrilla games has put out the whole power Decima Engine to get quality graphics are very cool and realistic.

At least that is what can I say. Have a nice play 🙂

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