Review Game Implosion: Never Lose Hope Android APK Games

Review Game Implosion: Never Lose Hope Android APK Games

Implosion: Never Lose Hope is a full action RPG game that you must play before you miss the update from other mobile gamers. And when juxtaposed with some similar genre games that already exist in this year, I’m sure Implosion – Never Lose Hope so far is a gameplay.

Game Implosion Never Lose Hope was first introduced in 2013 ago and finally released officially in April 2015. The old manufacturing process was paid off with the perfect game results! Implosion – Never Lose Hope, a breakthrough from RayArk that no longer carries the rhythm genre but the RPG action.

Upon hearing the news that this developer tried his luck with RPG action game products, it is widely speculated that this game will only be equipped with gameplay with the mechanism of hack and slash so-so aja. If I may say, “do not judge a book by its cover” is very applicable for this game. After seeing the first screenshot, it does look just like a regular RPG action game because the point of view of the 3rd person with the camera direction from above. But after trying to play it, you’ll be surprised.


This game tells about a foreign nation from another planet called with XADA attacking the earth and destroying human civilization. They spread the virus that turns humans into strange creatures like zombies under their control. A group of remaining human beings then escape and live in the space station. After a while, the space station catches a strange signal from the surface of the earth and Jake and his team are assigned to return to earth to investigate the last conditions on earth.

One of the things that strengths in Implosion gameplay is where its combo attacks are diverse. There are its own grips when you start slashing with a tap on a virtual button that says strike at the bottom right of the screen. You can squeeze the button at will when you use the Avalon character until it spins on its sword, or you can do different combo moves by following a certain grip when there is a transparent purple ball that appears on its body. Remarkably, with different combos you can also generate different damage and with different mobility levels as well. There are some combo that have a unique tempo so you can direct Avalon to attack the enemy on one side to the next side in the same rentetean combo. Moreover, you not only use swords, you can also use pistols for long range attacks, the point is, the gameplay hack and slash here is not rigid and feels very powerful.


All packaging and the concept of A-Z is taken seriously. For you lovers of RPG games, you can also enjoy a myriad of character customization through the Ark system available for sangwarmech in this game. Like Jake’s character wearing Avalon, there are 7 slots in his Ark system that you can fill with special items (such as equipment) to improve their status or add new skills.

In terms of graphics and sound quality is also not kidding. Starting from the initial trailer as the opening of this game, interface display, and supporting music while playing shows that RayArk can also show off in the RPG game competition. If the question of music is clear once its rhythm game products become a benchmark for this game. Therefore, the quality of 3D graphics with the animation that feels smooth need we acungi two thumbs.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is priced at quite high (around Rp 119.000) but of course the price offered is worth the quality earned. And maybe you will be bored and disappointed because after buying it expensive but there is only Jake-Avalon characters that you can play. His name is also an RPG game, it takes a more diligent grinding that you have enough budget to unlock Diana characters who use Crimson.


Feature Implosion: Never Lose Hope :

In this Implosion game we control Jake, a young hero who belongs to a group of people who survived the global catastrophe that took place on earth. Jake is equipped with a protective armor of cutting-edge steel technology called War Mech III. Not only the look of a cool design like a robot transformer, War Mech III’s ability is far more powerful to roam the earth and eradicate the aliens and strange creatures that control the earth.

At the beginning level we can attack the enemy with some combination of attacks using a mech weapon (like a samurai sword) to cut off the enemy and also shoot him. Press the attack button repeatedly will give effect combination of attack, for special move we can do special puncture movement with very good effect. When Jake is surrounded by enemies, he can also take a distance and use his rifle to destroy enemies from a distance.


Attack and control of the game is similar to Hack & Slash games that are already familar for gamers like Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or even similar to my favorite game God Of War. Wearing War Mech III, we can not jump but some special movements will make us move flying while slashing the enemy. To avoid providing special buttons for rolling and special effects like God Of War we will spin and eradicate enemies around us.

Not only reliable for attacking, War Mech III also has a shielding field as a protector of enemy attacks but if the shield’s power is used up, then as much as possible Jake should dodge while waiting for bar shields to be replenished or killed on the battlefield. The farther the level of the game that we run, the enemy faced is also increasingly tough. Fortunately, Jake’s armor can be upgraded by using various modules.

These modules can be obtained at the end of each level or by claiming it when the number of badges (badges) earned after completing a special mission at each level. The wearable upgrade module has a variety of functions, ranging from heightening the stats to giving special moves. Since the slot of the jirah is limited, then we have to choose some upgrade modules that can be taken that match the level of game that we will pass.


More diverse in every level
RPG action games with hack and slash gameplay are also usually very synonymous with the dungeon crawler mechanism, where players only need to select stage by stage to play through the main storyline. Likewise with Implosion – Never Lose Hope, you will play from one stage to the next stage in each chapter with conversation footage between characters and a little story before starting the stage.

The pre-stage snippet really gives you an idea of ​​the way the story is meant in the game, just as the first time Avalon is still adjusting to his warmech. The story that was delivered was very influential into the game, indeed any stage in essence you have to beat the mini-boss or boss to successfully complete a stage, but this game is different.


There’s a stage with a mission where you have to drive out enemies coming in one direction because in the area you’re protecting there’s a bunch of surviving humans, it’s like there’s a tower-defense gameplay element. And at the end of the chapter (usually) you will be faced with a big boss without having to crawling or slashing the enemy first before facing it. Even the shooting angle is usually changed, not just highlighted from above only.

Interface Implosion Never Lose hope
All the action sensations offered Implosion Never Lose Hope game is packed with slick with 3-dimensional graphics are detailed, sharp and good. Playing through android does not even look declining in quality or lag happens while being surrounded by enemies with various visual effects of attacks.

Full game is very simple and responsive which is divided into two sides of the screen. Use the left thumb to set the direction of mech movement in all directions. While the right side is used to activate various attacks with the button located on the bottom right. The largest circle to perform the attack, and the other four smaller buttons surround the largest button for rolling or special move.


With these two simple control schemes we can easily complete the various levels that must be passed. During the mission we can also obtain various items to supplement money and health by destroying large tubes. When our enemies are successful we will also leave some money and upgrade modules that we can use. Every completion of our mission will also be given a value to obtain a medal (badge). This badge is collected to buy other Mech armor versions with different capabilities.

Conclusion: Implosion is one of the best action packed RPG ever made for mobile platform. It’s excellent graphics and good storyline brings the feeling of playing a console-quality game to your android device.

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