Review Game Last Empire: War Z

Review Game Last Empire: War Z android apk games


This game is a combination of various elements are combined into a game, there are elements of zombie horror films and elements of strategy games, and also, perhaps this game developers that trying to put this game into the category of horror game, despite the fact that this game not at all scary.

This game combines elements of film series The walking dead and the film World War Z, the main character mostly took resemblance to the characters in the film series the walking dead, we can see the main character of standards and also troops shooter that takes resemblance figures darryl in the film the walking dead.


The storyline begins during a zombie attack in a camp, and after successfully through a zombie attack, we are asked to start building our base. The base we will be again attacked by zombies or other players who will raid our supplies. In the game Last Empire: War Z all the allies or enemies will come from all over the world. Your resource is left at any time can be robbed or looted. All enemies are very powerful and brutal. You must be a protector and be the best in order to survive. So that you may become more severe and collect all the allies to fight the enemy.

Just like other online strategy games, many upgrades we have to do, and every upgrade were stuck we have to start upgrading the city hall / her townhall. The buildings also have their respective func

tions, the game is similar to Clash Of The King, the function of buildings or structures that have very similar functionality.


In addition to upgrading the base, we would be given skill points to upgrade our main characters, there are three parts that must upgrade the combat skills, skill development and support skills. The higher we are, the higher the skill we have and bring an immediate effect of the power base and our camp.

With a system of this raid then this game can make us join an alliance or create alliances, with this alliance then this game is similar to other strategy games: the ability to conduct the war clan or alliance war.


About the display graphics, this game does not really have a graphic display of the most high-end ever. But that does not mean that the Last Empire-War Z really bad visually. In fact, the existing graphic display feels right here and remind some players RTS games on the old school on the computer. Again, it is not a weakness of this game.


Presented by Long Tech Network as the developer in the form of free-to-play, Last Empire-War Z is completely understandable will have in-app purchases like most existing games lately. This game is fairly promising with the number of positive reviews in the Play Store and App Store. Come Download and Play 😀

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