Review Game Light of Aiaran

Review Game Light of Aiaran android apk games

Mobile MMORPG Game Light of Aiaran Now It Comes To Android, mobile gaming seems that this year is flooded with many open-world game genre. Light of Aiaran MMORPG created by South Korean developer ENP Games. You will feel the atmosphere of open-world games that actually in this game. Features open-world game Light of Aiaran very much like MMORPG on the PC, you can find a lot of dungeons that can be entered by yourself or with your party members. As mobile games in general, this game also features auto battle.

The most interesting thing is, the Light of Aiaran have a system that will change the character transform into Luminous. Of course features real-time PvP battles are also pinned on this game. You can also find World Boss to beat you with friends.


Light of Aiaran is a high-fantasy MMORPG where players choose a race and class and embark on an epic journey in an anime-aesthetic open world. Transform into a deadly god, battle in PvP, explore dungeons, fight world bosses, and stylize your character with cosmetics. Light of Aiaran has large open world with different biomes, a transformation system allows you to turn into ‘Luminous’, the giant god of war, and real-time PvP combat in open space, as well as 25 unique dungeons. You can also team up with friends to raid world bosses.

Light of Aiaran is a fantasy MMORPG set in a world bursting with colorful monsters and NPCs in need of your help. Choose between one of three races and three classes, and embark on an adventure across a world boasting an anime-stylized aesthetic. Undertake quests, slay monsters, and transform into Luminous: unlocking your god-like powers for a limited time. Scour one of over 25 dungeons to defeat hordes of cutesy mobs, and obtain rare rewards. Auto-gameplay attacks mobs and navigates you between NPCs with the press of your finger. Join a party with other players and challenge formidable world bosses roaming the land for rare loot. And obtain new cosmetic items to make your character stand out and look cool in town.


Light of Aiaran Key Features:

– Transform : Transform into a powerful Luminous, wielding god-like power to easily slay legions of monsters.
– Dungeons : Scour through one of over 25 dungeons solo or with a party.
– Auto-Gameplay : With a simple touch, your character navigates between NPCs and defeats mobs all on their own.
– Cosmetics : Deck out your character with colorful cosmetic items, such as wings and swimsuits.
– World Bosses : form a party with other players and take down formidable bosses roaming the lands.

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