Review Game LINE Let’s Get Rich Apk Android Games

Review Game LINE Let’s Get Rich Apk Android Games

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LINE Lets’s Get Rich is one of the most popular Android games and most successful in Indonesia since it was first introduced in July 2014 ago. Mobile games Board Games manifold has attracted much attention in Indonesian activists game because the game is so fun, where players can choose to play individually or with a group of friends the other player to add to the fun. After seven months, LINE Let’s Get Rich remains a game application of the most widely downloaded in Indonesia with more than 9 million the number of downloads by the end of January, 2015.

This game is very fun and can be played by all players of all ages. ranging from children, teenagers, adults and even parents can even play it. Android game with the basic game of Monopoly has been modified such that it becomes more fun and not boring like a game of Monopoly Classic.LET’S GET RICH is a kind of mobile version of MODOO MARBLE already released also locally on the PC.


In general, the game is a game based on Monopoly game. In the game there are various Character Card, Pendant and Dice are used to playing on the folders are played. And do not forget to also no Olympic area (rent 2x) and the area Prison (Prison, etc. depending on the type of folder but are decidedly confining players to not move) to complement and add to the fun of this game. To play one game, you at least have 1 piece Clover for Economy class and an additional form of Ticket for the classes is higher (the Business, VIP, Platinum, Diamond, etc.). There is also a system League (league), which opened at certain hours.

LINE Let’s Get Rich had the rules of the game were not much different. If you 3 times to get the same dice the numbers and you will enter a remote island or what is known as a prison in the game of Monopoly. In this game we also have to pay taxes house, buy a house, etc. like a monopoly game.

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Some of the changes that have made to make the game run faster than a standard game. Changes to speed up the game is very important as the game itself is a mobile game where the players usually do not want to spend too much time to finish the game. Other changes are more noticeable is the presence of different skills for each character. This skill can affect the game directly and every character also have different statistics. These statistics will affect the style of play of these characters.

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The big difference in the quality of the character depends on the rarity makes this game PAY TO WIN, especially when dealing with high-level players who own characters. But considering the gameplay basically relies heavily on luck, a statistical difference of this character in the end will have little effect in the long term. so for you who always seems very suitable fortunate to play this game hahahaah 🙂

For a mobile phone app game, in terms of the visual is very nice. Disadvantages of this game as well as game applications of mobile phone else that uses energy system (in this game called clover) is when clover we run out, because we had to wait clover filled again if we do not want to buy clover in the shop in the shop by using diamond should purchased with money. Again, this game is one game that should use the money if you want to quickly become the number one in the total ranking, but returned to each of you, how do you take to get the best score.

LINE Let’s Get Rich has features that make it an easy game like all the circles. The number of characters Card, equip characters or here called a pendant that has a variety of different skills, Cube that if in the open give gifts randomly, Dice with different skill parameter, Multiplayer cool system with a choice of single and team match, or make room itself in order to be able to play with friends who we know.still with its Board Game systems, as well as modify item- item and adapted to the needs of the virtual game, as well as the regulation victory.


The most cool and fun is a weekly rating system, making you race this race with your friends to become the top ranked in the final weeks to get the maximum prize that always makes us curious.
There are also features that we can use emoticons when the game is in progress. so you can show your expression during the game.

Players can also buy a special dice using diamond or use gold when it reaches a certain level. This special dice have different effects, and as is the case with character skill can affect the game. The user interface of this game has an attractive design and gameplay that is not confusing the player when compared to the standard game because all done automatically. Art style used for various characters also quite interesting and there are quite a lot of variety of characters that can be collected by the player.

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Behind the fun in playing Let’s Get Rich, there are some shortcomings in this game. An example is requiring a high signal strength, if the signal is reduced slightly, the game featuring the words “unstable connection” and will come out by itself. It’s quite annoying when in the midst of playing and probably will win the game, suddenly the signal is not stable, the game will suddenly come out. Another shortcoming is the Let’s Get Rich to be able to play should use the clover. If clover depleted, the player must wait for clover repopulate if not to buy clover in the shop. Because buying diamond clover which is pretty much required to be purchased with money. Another shortcoming is the lack of chat facility for interaction between players, like in Modoo Marble.


just roll the dice and around the world
don’t be bankrupt oke 🙂

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