Review Game Mafia Wars II

Review Game Mafia Wars II android apk games

Mafia Wars is a simulation game created by Zynga. The game was originally run on Facebook, Myspace, Tagged and Yahoo. However, since May 1, 2010, Zynga discontinue service on Tagged Mafia Wars game. Interface similar to Mafia Wars Mob Wars, make Maestri (maker Mob Wars) furious and demanded Zynga in court due to copyright issues. Finally, on 13 September 2009 Maestri and Zynga reached an agreement on the numbers 7-9 million dollars.

Currently Mafia Wars has reached the sixth city, after New York, Cuba and then Moscow [3]. And in 2010 made the city of Bangkok and Las Vegas. In 2011 the city created Italy and Brazil. In the same year, precisely in September, has opened the new town, namely Chicago after Cuba was closed in March 2011 and had also opened for two weeks in August 2011, Moscow was closed in April 2011, and the city of Bangkok does not escape from the target Zynga to be closed. So, now the only remaining Brazilian cities, Chicago, New York and Las Vegas after Italy was closed on March 7, 2012. In exchange, the city of London into a new city to visit. Not infrequently there is also a city or a new place, but with limited time to visit. After the timeout, the player can not visit it again or wait until it is available to visit the city again for a fee. Usually the city or place with the time to be in Chicago or Brazil. Mafia Wars 2 has been opened in the fall of 2011. Mafia Wars 2 has 8 districts to play: Casino Row, Granite Square, Neon Strip, Downtown, Bluebird Meadows, Westside Wharf, Boxer Island, Pinion Corner.


Zynga issued the latest sequel to Mafia Wars, the Mafia Wars 2. Online game is very different from how it looks from his elder brother, however, if you love to play some online games of the Social Network, then you will find the game somewhat similar to this game, for example Crime City. This game has a slogan rather strange and eccentric .. “being bad never feels so good” ahahahhah 🙂 and I think this is very funny hahahaahhaah

In terms of appearance are very different from Mafia Wars 1, which is only a Click to Action. In Mafia Wars 2, players can easily set the course of their avatars while enjoying some cool views given Zynga. Furthermore, there are some animations that make us smile to myself, that is when it tries to attack other players and the players fours begging for mercy to us.


Parts of Mafia Wars is Home, Jobs, Fight, Properties (except Italy), Inventory, Operations, and Marketplace. Unlike the Mafia Wars 1, we can increase the attack power and defense power by buying many a powerful items. But this does not apply to the Mafia Wars 2.. Because Equip and Unequip applies here. So, you should be wise in choosing Weapon and Armor you want to use.
In the inventory, there is available Tab Light, Heavy and Special. It shows the level of inventory that you already have. Light for the common Inventory and light. Heavy for Special Inventory and Strong. And most interesting is Special, usually Inventory is available on the Event-specific event, or did you buy it in the Market Place.

In Mafia Wars 2, building a new thing that is very interesting. This is caused by the 3D effect is given Zynga. So, we not only become a mafia, but also as an expert layout of the city. If in Mafia Wars 1 we can only help and a visit … Here different… Because Mavia Wars 2, you not only can Help, Invite and Share with friends mafia you will teapi you can see the progress of their development and Design City they..


In this game there is also a Bone yard. Bone yard is a fight in Mafia Wars 2. Here, we can see other players, both offline and online. We can attack them all, of course, you have to pay attention to the level they used to be, so do not just attack, might you lose. And when you lose, you can still Heal, and in need of cash to heal. So, be WISE.

Boss Fight..More Attraction!
The most interesting of Boss Fight Mafia Wars 2 is that you can see the funny movements of the boss, and like Mafia Wars 1, you may Heal when you’re fighting against the boss.

Disadvantages of this game is, takes a long time for its full load. This is because this game requires Flash Player to run.

What do you think about this game? Dont forget to include your opinion in the comments column oke 🙂 i’ll be waiting for you hahahahah

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