Review Game Magic Rush: Heroes

Review Game Magic Rush: Heroes Android Apk Games

Magic Rush: Heroes is an RTS game genre Adventure where you can summon heroes to defend your kingdom or attack the enemy’s defenses. Rush Magic: Heroes is a game with a combined membership of directing the attack, defense, and also real-time PvP that brings you to a lot of players from all over the world.Β Magic Rush: Heroes has a direct battle that combines the best elements of RPG, Tower Defense and Game Base Building. With single player adventure stories were amazing, online PVP battles, lots of game modes and a daily quest, there are many ways to lead the hero to victory!

Just like other mobile games. In this game also has some features that are not much different from other game features. following his review

Rush Magic: Heroes Features


War Strategy with 3 style gameplay Epic
● RPG gameplay with controls to steer the innovative skills to test the actual capabilities in Campaign mode
● Real-Time Strategy War broke out across the world map. Select Alliance, expand your kingdom and fight for resources:
● Mission Tower defense gives you additional resources to improve the ability of your hero

Hero training
Lots of options hero that you can use, but it is also a combination of any hero abilities that ensure you can make your attacks more powerful.



In this Adventure features you will be required to defeat all the enemies there, here you also have to pass through three challenges. Which makes this exciting adventure is every hero that you use can have multiple skills that you can use if the energy bar is full.

Defend Wall


Just like the android game in general, wall Defend it like chess. You just plug heroes you choose to keep the shattered crystal in order not to win. Each stage has a difficulty level and the number of different heroes.

Guild Alliance Features


Some features of this alliance is to increase the power of your heroes, increase stamina, and many more. By joining this alliance you can benefit very much, buff power, reward, and could join battle alliance that could give a gift of diamond.



As I said before, this game does have a cool hero. There are several types of heroes, including DPS, support, and Tank that you can select. He cried again every heroes have different skill effects also vary. It takes ingenuity to determine the line up nice and effective. Features that are not less cool is awakening heroes, ie evolution of heroes that you used to be more cool and powerful.

World Map
World map we can use to search for resources such as iron, diamonds, and other healing. Of this world map you can use to attack another player or war between the alliance.

After discussing the matter of features Rush game Magic: Heroes, I will also share some simple tips for beginners πŸ™‚

● Party play and get up as you please, of the many characters
● Hero evolve every time you Upgrade them with rune
● Discover a new hero in the Wishing Pool
● Strategy shape how you raise your character level
● Real Time Strategy RPG Battle and strengthen your team
● RTS and RPG meet in a unique battle on the front line
● war strategy with elements of fantasy RPG that brings the best game of both worlds
● Attack Crystal Dungeon to get the best gifts and supplies
● Conquer Proving Grounds, which opened a new challenge every day
● Daily Quest and the Wishing Pool makes you come back
● PvP and Campaign mode both provide equipment and gold
● Joining an Alliance to do battle and talking with allies
● Capturing Mine nearby to collect reource toΒ your kingdom
● Strengthen Your Empire by using Iron, Crystal, Silver, and Medicine, and use the resources to upgrade your hero abilities
● Set the three-team hero on the wall to defend Your Town Your Empire
● Muster direct control over the direction of the touch skillmu
● Strategy is key! Squeeze and release the Ultimate-mu at the right time

Magic Rush free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased using real money, if you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases on the Google Play Store settings. And also under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Come download and play πŸ™‚

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