Review Game Marvel Contest of Champions

Review Game Marvel Contest of Champions android apk games

Marvel Contest of Champions is fighting genre games released by Kabam for gadgets based on Android and iOS system with free-to-play and requires an Internet connection. Game adapted from the Marvel comics made is about the battle between the Collector and Kang the Conqueror.

In playing the game Marvel Contest of Champions you will compete in teams of characters from both the Marvel superhero and anti-hero who must have been familiar to the eye ga friends. Marvel Contest of Champions have you going to find a lot of superheroes and anti-heroes such as Spiderman, Wolverine, Cyclops, Hulk, Ultron, Captain America and many others. (You must know the rest of it :p)


Players can use a variety of characters that can be obtained by opening the hero crystal which will get random characters. Hero crystal can be obtained by bought on the features crystal vault. Characters can also be obtained from a regular crystal, but it is likely not large, because the crystal it is possible to get another item.
Aside from the crystal, the character can also be obtained from the buy in shop, on the units.
The function of the hero of this crystal is to get a random character.
Each character is equipped with a special class, so there is a class that is stronger than any other class, or weaker than the other classes. Consider the class opponents faced before fighting started, use a character with a more favorable class.


Although the character to fight as a team, but the fight in this game take place one on one in turn. The controls are used to move the character is also not difficult, tend to become more interested in timing than the combination. The maneuver can be done by a character quite limited among others light competition, moderate and severe, then dash, dodge, survive and specials.Although limited, but the player can combine attacks to deceive the opponent or destroy defenses. The movement of each character very fast, both offensive and its movement to move from one point to another. Unfortunately, with such rapid movements, look on while fighting so impressed rigid by simply relying on the speed of attack. However, the higher level encountered, the player’s ability to regulate the attack to the opponent must be sharpened so that attacks launched not in vain.


This game has a visual 3D graphics that really spoil our eyes guys Character design, environments in the show in detail the movements smooth character and remarkable visual effect when a character moves flagship issued.So it looks very interesting and quite detailed with motion-smooth character and extraordinary visual effects when characters issued a special attack. Unfortunately, this game does not have a jump feature that should exist in any fighting game that character movement in this game is less dynamic.


Not just rely on the ability to fight. This game presents a PvP features that can be used for a battle between players online. PvP can take place one-on-one, or three against three. In certain PvP, there are requirements that must be met first as a minimum number of characters and stars of each character are used. Gifts that can be obtained from PvP quite varied ranging from ISO-8 to a high star characters. Players also have to upgrade the character to maximize his ability. Players can upgrade character  with a number of items called ISO-8 and Catalysts that serve as currency to pay for the upgrade services. ISO-8 can be obtained by opening the crystal or by completing certain missions.

wondered how the original game? come download and play 🙂

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