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Review Game Monster Super League Android Apk Games

Monster Super League is a turn-based RPG game for IOS and Android were developed by Smartstudy and published by Creative Lab 4:33. Released on September 7, 2016 gameplay is quite similar to the Pokemon series. This game focuses on capturing, training, battling monsters fantasy. This game has a story mode and PvP modes. It seems the game with turn-based RPG genre is still very popular these days on a mobile device. Amid the bustle of popularity of the genre, the South Korean developer 04:33 Craetive Lab released the game “Monster Super League”, the game with turn-based RPG genre is unique.

For those of you who’ve played the game Summoners War may already be familiar genre in this game, and will immediately understand how to play. But in this game there are different elements that make Monster Super League looks unique and different.



Although it does not look too fantastic as Unreal Engine 4, you can see that quite smooth graphics in Monster Super League, impressed neat and not bad so do not make the eyes tired to linger in this game. combination of colors other details very interesting, animated by the time it looks cool fighting style turn-based RPG. It seems that this game is very suitable to be played all ages.

Monster Super League has unique characteristics that make it different from the Summoners War. Monster in this game is called by astronomers. Astronomers are divided into two, and just as Variant astronomers astronomers who have special buff if used as a leader during the fight. So what makes the difference?

Not necessarily gacha to spend your money, you can also catch astronomers during the fight in Story mode. You need one Astrochips to capture the maximum astronomers that you can only bring three each run the Story mode. Each astronomers can you increase its rarity with ingredients you can find in the Dungeon. Besides increasing rarity, you can do that will transform astronomers evolve into more powerful and cool. To evolve, you must first awakening at the expense of the same three types of astronomers.


When starting the game you will be served by a friendly tutorial that teaches you all the basics of the game. After completing the tutorial sure you understand the things that are essential, capture monsters, fighting, feeding, gem, mission, and a special shop. Perhaps you are confused about what else you should do after the tutorial, for that I will review it here 🙂

Currency Monster Super League


Monster Super League have a few different currencies for various stores. The most important are the Gold and astrogem. Gold is useful in many ways and very valuable. If you use it carelessly, you can be miserable later.
Astrogem is premium currency in the game. You can use Real money to get it easily, but if you do not want to spend money out of your wallet, here are some other options for getting astrogem.

Monster Super League has features that are not too different than the turn-based RPG game more. Among them is the Story mode is divided into three levels of difficulty, namely Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Other features such as Dungeon, Tower of Chaos, and that certainly PvP called astronomers League. And many other features that you will find in this game.


The more you adventure with your Astromon, you definitely want a strong and useful astromons. Each astromons have unique abilities, and you need to establish a solid and balanced team with different elements. The following astronomers have useful skills and not too hard to come by:

– Wildfang (Fire) has a strong attack and heal very helpful in the fight.
– Yuki (Fire) with a very strong attack but HP thin. With the right combination gem will be very deadly.
– Seirin (Water) can heal 20% of max HP.
– Wildfang (Water) tank was pretty good and had a stun if attacks are launched critical.
– Mona (Wood) is equal to Seirin (Water).
– Latts (Starter) have a leader of useful skill in PVP.
– Victoria (Light) got extra attacks from defensenya, very good in attack and defense.

Ascension, Evolution, Rebirth and Soulstone

Ascension increase your Astromon power permanently. Once you find the astronomers who want to practice, you need to ascension. This means you need starstone and Elementstone in large numbers and you need to maximize the level of your Astromon. But do not worry, the stone is quite easy to get out of the dungeon and just need a little time and patience to do so. Ascension will increase your Astromon save as much as 1. Not only that, the skill will also be open and the maximum levels will increase. However, your Astromon will return to level 1 after each ascension, so you need to train again for the next ascension.

Evolution, will change the look and your Astromon status permanently. This process requires the same astronomers in large quantities or Gleem with the same elements.

Gleem is a unit that can be obtained using a league medal, which is obtained through PvP. This means you should frequently PVP in order to evolve astronomers favorites. Win or lose you will still be able to medal.


Once you have three astronomers duplicate, you can quickly evolve into evo 2. But from evo 2 to evo 3 you need more duplicates. In my experience you need 16 units of astronomers from evo 1 to evo 3. The process is long, but it is necessary to obtain a strong astronomers.

Rebirth requires victimizing 3 or more to make random astronomers from the list – rebirth menu. It is useful to change the unit of the weak become stronger units.

Soulstone is another way summon monsters astronomers in the super league. By collecting Soulstone, you can summon a certain astronomers. In addition to the dungeon, you can also buy Soulstone on shady shop and sometimes of free adventure package.


After reviewing Game Monster Super League as a whole, now I will give you a bit of information for beginners 🙂
– HP was hit points, the higher means more difficult to beat.
– Attack is the damage produced.
– Defense will reduce the damage received.
– Recovery affect how much of the recovery obtained with orb or recovery skills.
– Crit DMG determine how big your critical damage.
– Crit rate indicates how often a critical mu astronomers.
– Resist mu astromons to determine how resistant to abnormal status.
– Variant Astromon synonymous with the usual, but with leaders skill unlocked
– Shady shop selling essential items at low prices, and stock refreshed every hour.
– Airship will have three spots that shine that can be tapped to receive a total of 1200 gold and 3 random items for free.
– astronomers League reset every Monday at 12:00 pm in your local time.
– If you want to catch a certain astronomers, you can see the story / habitat in astroguide to know where to find them.
– You can only delete 5 friends in the friend list you daily.
– To unlock higher difficulty levels you must complete all the stages in the continent.

Come play your favorite astronomers and be the strongest!

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