Review Game Non-Stop Legends

Review Game Non-Stop Legends android apk games

In the Non-Stop game Legend Character kept fighting even though the game is closed? Bot? Not! It is one of the security features of Android gaming has just been released early this March 2017. Character will continue to hunt, fight and collect EXP even if you are out of the game. Not only that, because of continued fighting, then of course the character will continue to collect money, items and new equipment as well!


Non-stop Legend Android game RPG genre is very indulgent players for the entire battle in this game is run automatically, even after the player out of the game. This game is not as you imagine, for non-stop Legend was minimal animation. So in the game, you will more see the text with information about what your character did. Non-Stop Legend uses images of ancient cultures, combat smoldering, how to play a casual salute the RPG game ever! Warriors, wizards and monks, three different classes, help you feel energetic game.

As with the majority of mobile games, Non-Stop Legend will give a brief tutorial on how to play. We recommend that you watched carefully, lest missed. Because based on our experience after playing this game, you will be very confused if it ignores the tutorial at the beginning of the game. However, suppose you ignore the tutorial, you can still explore this game to its trial and error.


At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to select one of three character classes available, the warrior (fighter), witch (magician) or monk (healer). Each character class is composed of two types namely the male and female gender. There is no skill or status differences between male and female characters. Do not forget to give a good name for your character, okay!


The first thing to note from the non-stop Legend simultaneously superiority of this game is that your character will continue to fight against the monsters, even when you exit the game. You can see the information on the characters fight Combat menu. There is shown every activity of characters ranging from the search for the monster, moves are to be used, the damage received, and the amount of EXP successful in the can.

Combat menu has two options, namely PK is a battle with other players, and dungeon battles against monsters and bosses. In the dungeon feature, you can choose the location where you want to explore. Higher levels of the dungeon, the more difficult monsters encountered, but the better and expensive goods obtained. While PK is appropriate to examine the features of the character development to pit with a character from another player.


As MMORPG in general, you need money to buy things in this game is called gold. You can get gold from selling items obtained from the dungeon or by mining in Mine menu. There is a time limit for the mine, which is 2 hours. You can buy the time limit with a number of diamonds. At the time of mine, you can do other activities such as battle dungeon or PK, so no need to wait.

In the adventure, both in the dungeon and PK, you can be assisted by a soldier. You can select soldiers in warrior menu. Just like the character, warrior consists of three classes: warrior, sorcerer, and monks. You can choose one of them to accompany the fight. You can equip soldiers with equipment such as weapons, armor, greaves and a belt to make it stronger. You can also train soldiers in Train features to make so better status. You can do exercises many times to find a suitable status for soldiers.

let’s download and play, feel the difference.

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