Review Game Otogi: Spirit Agents

Review Game Otogi: Spirit Agents android apk games

Otogi: Spirit Agents tells the story of an organization that handles cases about spirits in Japan. The organization called the Bureau of the Occult, and you are one of its members. Spirits wander and wreak havoc in the world, unseen by most humans, and it’s up to players to keep the peace in Otogi: Spirit Agents, a CCG RPG. Summon spirits, called daemons, in the form of cards with beautiful artwork and form teams of four to combat evil. Spirits range from one to five stars in rarity, one or two unique abilities, and 3D battle models. Manage a pool of resources in battle, spending them to use a spirit’s special abilities. Enhance and level up spirits to increase their stats, and limit break them to raise their level cap by feeding the same copy into them up to four times. Compete in events that are two weeks long, reaping rewards and ranking against others online. Join a guild and partake in team-based combat. Enjoy fun and witty banter complete with voiceacting for campaigns and quests.

Spirits are generally not harmful and invisible to ordinary people, but their temperaments could change if affected by evil energy. As a member of the Bureau of the Occult, you will be assigned to purify the spirits and prevent chaos. The trick of course with a special spiritual power and take advantage of fine spirits are good.


The concept of a story like this has often appeared in the world of gaming and comics made in Japan. Stories in Otogi: Spirit Agents also largely not serious, in fact many contain typical crisp comic humor Japan. But then the story is not important in a game like this gacha, so enjoy what they are. at the beginning of this game you will start with a call (summon) spirits, composing team of spirits you have, then go on an adventure by choosing an existing stage.

The spirits of the characters in this game is quite strange. Most spirit embodies historical figures, like Okita Soji and Socrates. There was also adapted from the gods or legends creatures, such as Hermes Trismegistus and Shuten Doji. Most other spirit actually the embodiment of an inanimate object, such as a Tokarev pistol and sword spirit Kotetsu.


The fight (or rather grinding) is the main core of type gacha games, including Otogi: Spirit Agents. This game presents the battle in real time, with 3D characters look cute chibi. When fighting, all the characters will move automatically, but you can instruct them to use the skills at any time.

The ball ghost can be obtained at random, from the periodic regeneration, or by doing Skill Kill (kill the enemy using skill). Timing issued a critical skill for the sake of efficiency ghost ball, and this should you think about when you are fighting against a difficult boss. Meanwhile, if you’re grinding against weak enemies, provided auto battle so that you can play while relaxes.


Resource limitations for issuing skills provide an element of strategy in Otogi: Spirit Agents. At the beginning of the fight, every skill you can use by paying a ghost ball. But every time you use the skill, the cost of his spirit ball will increase to two or three. So you can not just spamming origin.

Otogi: Spirit Agents Key Features:

  • Collect ‘Em All – gather spirits of all kinds, from kitsune girls to samurai in varying rarities.
  • Two-Week Events – compete against other players in events that last two weeks, scoring rewards and ranking up the ladder.
  • Enhance and Level Up – feed spirits to enhance and level them up, improving their combat stats. Raise level caps by feeding the exact same copy to itself.
  • High Production – enjoy great artwork complete with Japanese voiceovers.
  • Join a Guild – partner with others and join a guild with a private chat for team-based combat.

You will not  find in-depth features on Otogi: Spirit Agents. No PvP, no raid boss, or other variations. Multiplayer is very minimal, only shaped add friends as reinforcements and simple guild. This game is really just a casual grinding festival you can play without the burden of thought.

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