Review Game Pocket Legends android apk games

Review Game Pocket Legends android apk games

Pocket Legends is a 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. You can play independently or with friends. You choose from 3 character classes: Archer, Enchantress, Warrior. You travel from place to place completing missions and leveling up. Some content and maps need to be obtain via platinum (in game purchases). Content is updated frequently. Game is run on single server, so connecting with associates is easier. Pocket Legends is also XPERIA PLAY optimized.

The pocket legends players take 4 spells from one time to the next. The most basic mantra is called “mana” which is a health point and can regenerate or develop over time. These spells can evolve with player level.

In this game you will receive varied quests such as fighting zombies out of graves, cruel mercenaries, the terror of poisonous smells around the ice cave, the roaming demons, the skeleton giants and the bewildering crocodile gathering. Quest on pocket legends is not as complicated as MMOPRG games in general. The system is easy enough to play a walk-through quest on the provided portal, and each time you reach a new portal you will join other characters and form the same team.


But the visuals suffer from both highs and lows. Characters always look great, and enemies have lots of personality. Environments on the other hand often felt tepid and flat. Certain elements, like leave and grass, felt like cardboard cut-outs. Much of the terrain would have felt right at home in a PC game from 10 years ago.

The breadth of content here is good, but not without a price. Rather than exploring an open world, players will join instances that make up part of a bigger campaign. Pocket Legends offers one campaign for free, but charges a $1.99 for each additional. Considering that the 15 levels in the free campaign can eat up a few hours when you play through them with each class, you’re already getting a good deal of content for nothing. If you like what you’ve seen by then, paying $1.99 for additional campaigns is a more than reasonable request. Pocket Legends really sets the standard for the freemium business model by mixing a tremendous of free play with some truly enticing pay content.

The pocket legends game has several character characters, namely:

1. Archer / The Archer / The Avian is a kind of humanoid like a dormitory bird with perfect vision, has a quick reflex motion and can shoot and shoot well.
2. Enchantress The ancient Elves were the best wizards of the kingdom by having the power of nature to spell by spell.
3. The Warrior of The Ursan, the bears are quick to anger and how to fight it with weapons, sticks and armor.

Controls are kept surprising manageable given the nature of the genre. You’ll control your characters movement using an on-screen directional pad, and combat can be initiated by tapping a large button on the right side of the screen. Special skills that you’ll develop as you level up will occupy the slots above this button, making it easy to cast a spell or taunt an enemy without ever being distracted from the action.

The game features some smart automation options, too. Tap the attack key twice to switch to auto-attack, which will cause your character to not only keep attacking an enemy, but to follow it should it try to escape. The only thing in the control scheme that needed improvement was the camera. Handling the camera is easy enough – you’ll swipe to change direction and pinch to zoom – but there wasn’t an option to simply tap and center the camera behind your character. Given the meandering nature of most levels, having to constantly adjust the camera felt like a much bigger hassle than it should have.


– Large Persistent (Semi-Open) World – with many different maps to explore.
– Colorful, Cartoony Graphics – will appeal to people of all ages.
– Point And Click Combat – simple to use and beginner friendly.
– Five Different Classes – Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin, and Ranger.
– Cute Animal-Theme and Monsters – such as zombies, skeletons, crocodiles, and aliens.
– Loot – over a thousand different weapons, armors, and items to discover.

Difficult to find new equipment at the beginning of the game is one thing that is annoying in my opinion. While drops were common, it was entirely likely that a level 2 warrior would get a sword that it could not use until level 10. It was rare if ever that we stumbled across usable gear for the level we were at.


Conclusion: Pocket Legends is a 3D semi-open world MMORPG published by Spacetime Games, the creators of Arcane Legends, Dark Legends, and Star Legends. Journey through a colorful and cartoony world filled with animals, zombies, aliens, and more with graphics that will appeal to kids and adults. Choose from one of five unique animal classes (Warrior, Enchantress, Archer, Paladin, and Ranger). Collect thousands of weapons, armor, and items. Play with people around the world in co-op and PvP or in Solo mode. Complete hundreds of quests with a fascinating story and save the animal kingdom. Begin your journey in this free-to-play, multi-award-winning mobile MMORPG today.

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