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Review Game Revelation PC Games

Revelation Online is a 3D MMORPG game with an awesome adventurous, a variety of PVP modes, exciting dungeon, a wide variety of classes, and have a very detailed character customization. On March 6 yesterday, Revelation Online western version has entered open beta phase. Revelation Online is an MMORPG developed by NetEase. A game that adopts themes Action MMORPG Blade and Soul with a distinctive style bandage thick Negeri China look at the landscape. cooperate with Pangu Creator Studio, released Revelation Online to make the western version. Revelation Online is a MMORPG where players can explore a fantasy world named Nuanor. Similar to Nuanor earth inhabited by human beings, and there are many cultures of Asia and also Europe, which merges into one. All of that can you find in this unique world. When viewed theme is very similar to Blade & Soul, South Korean MMORPG created by NCsoft.

Revelation Online game servers on the western version is divided into two regions, Europe and North America. There are three servers North America and five European server. Server North America consists of Darkfall, Snowpine, and Muroc. While the European server consists of MoonSea, Tidewater, Corral, Sulan, and Karstwald. we personally suggest you play on North American servers Snowpine, one side of her lower ping, Indonesia player community was crowded there.


At the beginning of the game of course you have to create a character first. You can choose one of six classes that are available, Swordmage, Vanguard, Occultist, Gunslinger, Blademaster. and Spirit Shaper. I personally really enjoyed the process of making the characters in this game, with graphics that look pretty cool and incredibly detailed customization detail makes you free to imagine. However, the game is fully translated into English by the developer, only about 85 percent. As we know in this game CBT1 up CBT3 also not translated yet. With future updates the developer promises to fully translate the game into English.

Early in the game you will only push the button “F” to interact and carry out quests that also comes with a cut-scene. Quest will guide you into the story of the game world is almost destroyed by the years of conflict unrelenting. In addition, the quest at the beginning of the game will also teach you how to fight, looking for items, interact with other players, and enter the dungeon.

You guys who are used to playing a MMORPG game certainly is not foreign to the battle system of the game genre. But in Revelation Online you can wear three battle modes that you prefer, depending on your comfort. Three modes are keyboard mode, mouse mode and action mode. I use Gunslinger class more comfortable using the action mode. But again, it all depends on each your job. Skill comfort divided into ordinary skill and special skills. Skill can be placed between the mouse buttons, knobs 1-5 and Q, E, R, T, G and F1 through F6. As i mentioned above, during the fight you have to get comfortable as soon as possible in order to quickly adapt. Class like Gunslinger must be very agile use skills at the same time avoiding to keep his distance. Class like Ocultist must be agile in attacking mode and mode switch healing. Each class has their uniqueness in the fight.


Nothing too special in terms of graphics in this game, but for the size of the graphical MMORPG online games at Online Revelation is already fairly good, although can not be compared with the Black Desert Online. You who have lower specs will probably be able to run this game easily. Even so the graphics on this game, managed to spoil the eye for more detail color combination is very interesting, so it does not make the eyes tired to linger in this game. Graphic detail such as weapons, environments, animation effects are very prominent and well indicated. Coupled with the design of the characters and monsters are very impressive.

This game has many unique features, you have the ability to use my wings and fly freely. In addition to the wing, you can also have a mount to accompany your adventure. With a very comprehensive map that you can freely explore it mounts up, or fly freely in the air. Amazingly, you can also dive into the deepest sea.
In addition to features up mounts, are free to move your character to jump as high as possible and even able to walk in the water though. Your character attributes are divided into five, namely, Strength, Intelligence, Vigor, Sprit, and Dexterity you can raise the appropriate class. Points to raise these attributes obtained every level up. You also have a “life skills” such as mining, farming, ripe to simplify your adventure. In this game you can also get married. This wooowwww most unique that I think hahaahh 🙂


In addition to performing solo adventure, there are also group quests and dungeons you can do with friends or other players. Interestingly, there is a raid boss that will involve 20 players in real-time. Every day you have to complete the daily objective called “Road to Greatness” that is useful to you level up faster. Now, not only can fight with the monsters, you can also fight with other players. There is a duel arena 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3. There is also the Open World Nuanor and outstanding guild battles, to control the 12 regions that can be controlled. You can enter the Arena PVP by pressing button H.

The drawback in Revelation Online is where the game server connection is in America, which makes a ping to the Southeast Asian region to be fairly large, about 200-250ms. Besides shortcomings, Revelation Online is a MMORPG with the gameplay and features that must be present you try.

Come download and feel the sensation! have a nice play 🙂

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