Review Game RPG Toram Online

Review Game RPG Toram Online android apk games

RPG Toram Online is one of the online RPG game made of Asobimo.Inc. This game having gamplay 3D and comfortable joypad control when controlling the character of his hero. This game is almost similar to the game Dragon Nest Online, as we know at the beginning of opening the RPG Toram Online we will in presented with a few characters we choose and we can also change the hair, clothes, eyes, characters, weapons and others according to our wishes
After selecting a character in the selection, we can see the video footage to tell the story and the purpose of the mission of this game. Besides, we also can invite other players to cooperate in defeating the enemies with a friend or your partner.


As I’ve said before. In terms of character, you can customize your character at will, ranging from gender, height, skin color, facial expression, eye color and also choose a hairstyle with a distinctive style of anime funny. In addition to its multitude of choices, there is an interesting and different from customization MMORPG in general, that is on the choose hairstyles you can choose 3 of the hair, the front part (bangs), middle and back into manifold according to taste you ( I wear a female character so there are options like this, I think this is very interesting haahaha 🙂 Once everything is completed, then you select the job. There are 4 jobs that are available in this game, with different difficulty levels for each job. For easy difficulty level, there are 2 jobs that Warrior and also Hitter (job that fighting using weapons in the hand that is used to hitting / punching enemies). Then on the normal difficulty level, there is Archer, and the last level of difficulty hard, is a Mage. Once in the game later, if you replace the armor you wear, it will automatically change the shape or color of the armor on the avatar, in accordance with the type of armor you are using. In addition there is also a selection of “Avatar” in the navigation equipment, which is useless to use a wide range of accessories / costume attractive for your character, such as using the wing and others.


In this game there is also a reward when we finish goals (which is shaped like a ribbon or if the game is called emblem) when we managed to carry out what is required on any goals. There are about 30 goals that must be resolved, if completed reward that will be given in the form of items or EXP but we still do not know the reward will we receive before we finalize what was requested. so if we will be given a surprise birthday hahahahah 🙂

In terms of gameplay, RPG Online Toram not much different from other MMORPG games (possible for you to ever play Ragnarok Online or Luna Online on PC would understand). When going to battle with the monsters, you click the action button near the enemy to strike first and start the battle. This game is not like a hack and slash, because there is a slight pause when you attack.


Disadvantages in this game in my opinion is when we moved to a place, especially a new folder, we require to download the folder and it will appear the words “Necessary Downloading data”. If we’ve been to that folder, only it says “Loading Data Necessary” but two things make the loading becomes longer, especially download the new map. Additionally, when we do the camera rotation, there are certain moments where we find it difficult to move the camera, such as less responsive, so must many times in the new point could. So far only 2 it only deficiencies that I have found, the rest is good. And I think it’s very annoying.

for you are interested in this game, let’s download on Google Play and the Google Play Store 🙂

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