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Review Game Siegefall android  apk games

Siegefall latest war is a strategy game where the game offers players attack and complete the mission and to protect the kingdom from enemy attack. Although similar to the CoC (Clash of Clan) but more feature Warfare Siegefall be compared to CoC and have more interesting features.

Being a pioneer is able to generate a lot of advantages, in addition to the original impression, there are many others who will follow the footsteps of the pioneers. It also often happens in the world of gaming, including industru mobile games. The most substantial examples that can be seen is Clash of Clans (CoC) which still occupy top ranking in Google Play and the App Store, a gaming pioneer of real-time strategy (RTS) in mobile. No wonder so many developers and publishers who are trying to follow in his footsteps, although not many are able to successfully compete.

Examples are like Gameloft, this giant game publishers just introduce and distribute the games ‘type of CoC’ her first Siegefall. Hearing the name of game developers and publishers this one is definitely game titles such as Asphalt and Modern Combat was the first to cross your mind. And quite a unique taste given the CoC has been struggling with his success over the years, but then Gameloft appears to test his luck in the same market. Maybe it’s not too late for Gameloft to seize the throne of best of mobile RTS.


Hero is one of the main important element in Siegefall. Yes, one of the main, because the second element is no less important is the Card or call it a magic card. Both have an important role in creating a strong attack to destroy the base of your opponent. Good fight in the scenario mode (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc.) As well as the battle against the base of the other players, you can not do much without the presence of a figure Hero. So far there are three Hero that you can have, Knight Teren, Queen Nor, Chief Sigvard, and another (possibly) followed in the next game update. Each Hero has the power, defense, and speed is much higher than any soldier unit and they also have his skills each of which is automatically activated during the fight. Unlike the new Clash of Clans allow you met and using Town Hall Hero after reaching level 7, whereas here you have got it from the beginning.

Card in Siegefall or less has a function similar to Spell in the CoC. There are different kinds of magic cards with diverse uses as well, ranging from curing the lives of soldiers, snatched the base of the enemy with lightning, volcanic cannon, ice freezer, to summon help burst of fire from a dragon. Everything is displayed with animation and excellent audiovisual quality. Only drawback, you can not determine what type of card you are going to create. You can only give orders Craft, Crafter Card by paying Gold or magic powder to get high-level Card.


One more uniqueness that makes Siegefall more impressive is the force control system that can be done directly by the player. Indeed, the control system such as this is nothing new considering have previously been applied by similar RTS games like Boom Beach and dominations. But in addition to the control units per group of soldiers, we are also able to add troops if needed to get some food by destroying certain buildings at the base of the enemy. But basically if your original troops dead, yes they are dead and will not come back, this additional unit only serves as an additional attack so that you can reach your goal.

Siegefall equipped with a graphic quality that I think is much better than Clash of Clans. Although not how cool when compared to rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruins of Space Ape Games, but I’ve been able to get a good impression of this game and discover the identity of its visual appearance alone. It may sound silly, but I admit animation when loading the game is so cool! Not less cool animation is also shown by the Hero and other forces unit during combat.


A good impression already delivered by a good visual quality, as well as the audio quality. For you who love to enjoy the storyline and the diversity of characters, you would like dubbing owned by each character. The sound effects are caused while fighting like sound cannon or flame is also quite in harmony with the visual display. Just maybe you will be surprised when I first saw the enormity of the figure a Hero when compared to units other soldiers were so impressed mini. But I think it looks cute haahaha

Some other things in terms of content is not much different from the Clash of Clans, you must build a solid base that are not easily crushed under attack other players and upgrade all the details in it along with the increasing Keep-mu (a type of Town Hall). As for the other players look for your opponent, you will be faced with the same system as Boom Beach, base of various levels will appear in the folder and matchmaking system is determined by how much you have achieved Medal. Medal itself is a kind of points gained if your offense is successful, the same as in the CoC Trophy.

Have a nice play guys 🙂

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