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Review Game SoulKing Android Apk Games

SOULKING is a strategic skill-based Role Playing Game (RPG) which is equipped with a combination of structured strategic battle of skill and hero. The players will easily understand how to fight, accompanied by a unique and fun hero. The longer a player to spend time with the hero, the more pleasure they would find of this unique gameplay. game Soul King has just been released by Netmarble yesterday. The players who likes to play online RPG on iOS or Android of course, already familiar with the company name Netmarble. The publishing company already publishes many interesting games, one of the Seven Knights which is still quite popular in Indonesia. This time Netmarble introduce new mobile RPG with strategic element SoulKing title.

A short story about SoulKing: After the destruction of the city Garot, mankind discovered the existence of a mysterious mineral called Soul Stone. This mineral has an energy that brought major changes in the technological advances. Unfortunately, these benefits appeared to have paid quite expensive. Darkness emerges from the Soul Stone, produces monsters that destroy the peace of the world. The story is not revolutionary, they are similar to many RPG free-to-play others out there. SoulKing sale value lies in the gameplay system centered on the use and combination of skills. You not only can use each character’s unique skills belong, but also can create his own skills to change a variety of attacks.


Various unique features and will be reviewed fully cool 🙂
If you’ve ever played an MMORPG games such as Seven Knights Netmarble certainly familiar with the style of a typical MMORPG game Netmarble full of character that has a skill bergrafis cool. The difference in the Soul King is in addition to the graphics are cool, skill on the Soul King is also a unique too! In SoulKing, you will play as a hero who must adventuring Moriatare eradicate crime in the area. It is said that long ago Moriatare has a floating city called Garot. But one day the city fell to the earth, so destroyed and only a legend.

In this game you can develop you Hero who likes to taste. The players also can improve and balance the ability to attack and defend as you wish each. Hero-type attacker will demonstrate the ability of their skills best when combined with another hero. In addition, SOULKING also offers an exciting and strategic gameplay allows players to create variations in the development of character, and combining skills and more.


SoulKing offers quite a lot of single player content, with ten chapters of stories and 300 stages for you to conquer. The number of characters that you can not lose much any collection. There are 370 hero with the ability as well as varying levels of scarcity. If you are already preparing a strong party, you can attempt to conquer the exclusive quests or battling other players. Soul King also has a lot of content that is abundant in features such as Heroic Quest, Story Mode, Adventure, Exploration, Daily Dungeon and PVP mode. As the increased level of the characters one by one those features will open.

At Mission feature, you can tell the story of the characters Soul King in defeating the forces of evil. Adventure is a place where you collect gear, hero and also a good material to upgrade hero of regular combat and Boss Battle. Do not forget also that there are features on the Daily Dungeon King Soul will also provide you lot of gifts are abundant. If you already have a strong enough team do not forget to challenge other players in PVP mode feature.


For you who like MMORPG Mobile features a very exciting strategy then you must try. In Soul King’s Mobile Game you will be presented with a variety of cute characters that have the ability to turn off. At the beginning of the launch, Soul King provides various attractive prizes for 7 days nonstop at login, but it also contained 3 cool characters with 3 and 4 that it can grow as long as 3 days. Gameplay shown is also intriguing to remember you must endure a brutal fight monsters.

Currently SoulKing already you can download it for free via the Google Play Store or iTunes. Come download and play your hero !!

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