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Review Game Stone Age Begins android apk games



Stone Age Begins mobile game is a reincarnation of the online game Stone Age were first loved by 200 million fans from around the world. Turn-based RPG game combines the fun of collecting and develop the character of dinosaurs known by all circles. Not only that, Stone Age Begins also offers aspects of turn-based strategy RPG and flavor of the original game with a more modern way. Released in Korea in June, the game is immediately skyrocketed to the top of Internet and bestseller charts in the App Store right on launch day, as well as dominating the bestseller charts in both the App Store and Google Play for six days.



Features found in the game Stone Age Begins :
1. collect and develop the character of dinosaurs
Concept stock offered by Stone Age Begins is a past period in the Stone Age and ancient dinosaurs. Characters are displayed in a 3D model of high quality with a modern design to maintain the original game IP quality while keep abreast of global trends. There are approximately 300 types of dinosaurs with a unique shape and personality of each increasingly strengthened the thrill of playing in collecting and developing different dinosaurs.
2. Capture System owned by Stone Age Begins make the player can capture the desired dinosaurs and develop it, the ratio of unique development for each dinosaur and fight a variety of patterns. Not only that, Pet Ride system will also bring nostalgia for players who’ve played previous versions and strengthen uniqueness to improve relations with the dinosaurs.
3. Conquest is a place where players can work together with other players to hunt monsters. Arena is the place to fight against other players, while content Fraud and Tribal Cave will offer abundant excitement for players who want to work together or compete with each other.
4. In the game there are four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. By combining different pet, players can form a pet Dual Element. In addition, players can also specify the order of pet skills and positions that make players enjoy the battle-heavy turn-based strategy.
5. There are eight trainers and about 300 dinosaurs in Stone Age Begins. Each trainer has their own unique skills and players can recruit Trainer besides Woody after each Trainer meet several requirements. Different combinations of different Trainer will provide variations on how to fight any player.
6. There are six Shop in Stone Age Begins and every Shop selling different items. The items can be purchased with Stone, Crystal, and a special currency of each Shop. Currency in the Stone Age Begins is Crystal and can be collected through Adventure. If the player meets the conditions of each stage, players will be rewarded with a free Crystal.
7. Players can feel the real-time PvP content at Arena feature. Surviving use strategy and skill to use at the right time against the enemy, and destroy the opponent’s defense with a Guard Break!
8. Players can gain XP by completing stage Adventure. They also can collect XP Herb of Conquest (PVE content) to increase Growth.




Now Stone Age Begins been updated by Netmarble, in an update of its offering a new mode called War Pet is a pet content contains six without the participation of trainers in battle against other players pet. First, players choose an opponent to be challenged from a list that is divided into three levels based on their rank. Then, form a team that will attack the opponent’s attack and defensive team that will retain its team. After the battle will begin automatically.

The latest systems that can change the ranking of the players based on the defeat of the opponent is expected to provide more excitement and thrilling gameplay while encouraging players to play more strategically. Pet four newly released into the pet-type game is legendary, namely Ragtaur (Earth), Crotaur (Water), Flataur (Fire), and Goltaur (Wind). Pet comes with skill eliminating the beneficial effect on the enemy and attack at random with one stone ax, silver or gold. (I just went into greater detail, as the above already had I mentioned 🙂 )

Come download and play 🙂

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