Review Game Subway Surfers

Review Game Subway Surfers Android apk games

Subway Surfers is a free running game genre developed by kiloo Games cooperate with Sybo Games, which was first launched for the iOS platform in the spring of 2012, precisely on May 24, 2012, free of charge at the Apple Store. After the success of iOS-based devices such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad (with iOS 4.3 or higher software), this time Subway Surfers also can be played using an Android device and Kindle tablets. In a game that gameplay is similar to Temple Run this, you will be invited to continue running along the railway line, while avoiding various obstacles such as railroad cars, roadblocks, separation barrier rail line, and the like, while collecting coins and items specifically to enhance the ability of the character.

Currently the latest version of the game that has a file size of 23.35 MB (Google Play) has reached version 1.8.1, which is updated on March 6, 2013. Subway Surfers itself tells the story of Jake, Tricky and Fresh are forced to flee (after scrawling wall / create gravity at the train station) on the pursuit of an inspector along a dog. Oiya latest update brings the features of “World Tour Rome” which will certainly add fun experience to play Subway Surfers.


Colorful HD graphics, and a willingness to get the highest points in order to defeat rank other friends who connect with your Facebook account on the leaderboard. In the latest version of this game, there is one exciting mission, written by the developer, which collects the eggs as many as 100 items to be exchanged for prizes.

The game starts by touching the screen that says “tap to play”. Soon after that, we have to direct the character to evade the inspector and his dog. Subway Surfers game control is quite easy, players need only swiping your finger left to move to the left, swipe right to move to the right, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to avoid the obstacle that can not be skipped. If we tap your finger to the screen twice, then skateboarding / Hoverboard Jake (the main character) will come out automatically. If we buy disposable items in the “Shop”, we just need to touch the item icon on the screen to remove it when it is running. Sled itself is very useful when we are in a state of urgency. If hit by obstacles while using surfboards, characters we can still continue the action. Skateboarding is not obtained for free, you have to buy it for 300 coins on the Shop menu.


Besides Jake, there are 15 characters can players get and use in the game. Not only the character of the game, players can also collect 15 surfboards provided by the developer. The shape of the sled is also very diverse, ranging from standard shapes to form like a jet engine and fire. In addition to upgrading and also buy special items, coins can also be used to “pass through” mission. So for those players who can not wait to complete the mission, you seemed to be diligent in collecting coins or bought with real money. Players can also buy coins (in-game currency) with real money to buy a variety of special items and also to upgrade. Actually coins can also be obtained for free by collecting while on a mission, but certainly easier if you buy these coins with cash, right? In addition to easy, buying coins would also provide income to the developer, considering the game is released without a price priced or free.


Subway Surfers is a matter outscore your friends on the leaderboards and also collect the sled and funny characters. But of course to get it all is not easy, you have to be diligent to play and do not often get hit by a barrier, as if hit by a course often difficult to increase your score. So in conclusion, this game is very appropriate to become a “friend” to play when we’re in a lot of free time or very fitting for those players who love to compete in terms of scores with other players.

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