Review Game Summoners War: Sky Arena

Review Game Summoners War: Sky Arena android apk games

Role-playing game that is circulating on the homepage of the Google Play Store is already countless, ranging from paid to free with in-app purchase feature. One of the famous mobile game developer, Com2us presenting one excellent game titled Summoners War: Sky Arena. Games are priced at no charge is arguably one decent RPG games played.

In addition to its compact nature, some mobile games that has a graphical display, no less with other platforms. As one of the games that will be discussed, namely Summoners War: Sky Arena. Summoners War: Sky Arena is a game free-to-play MMORPG made by one of the South Korean game developer, Com2us. This game was introduced at the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2014 held in Las Vegas, USA and can be downloaded for free through the Android and iOS platforms. What makes this game interesting is able to offer a number of features that are different from other RPG games, such as city building, summon monsters, fight the extensive PVP mode, and of course the full 3D captivating views.


Summoners War: Sky Arena is a game with the theme of monsters. As per the title, the word summon the means to call is the core of the game. You have the ability to summon monsters to fight by your side.
This game tells us that for thousands of years humans fight each other to gain hegemony. People who have the ability to summon monsters finally decided reconciled to hold the fight in the arena. Peace was achieved, but began to appear mysterious force that is ready to cause chaos back.

Another thing with mobile gaming in general that gives guidance on how to play it live. precisely in this game players will not be given a guide play directly but by using the writings are many and complex, and are instantly taken into a fight. In addition to explaining the basics of using the various functions that appear on the game screen, the guide provided also gives various tips that really helped the players to the front.


In addition to running various main and side missions available, you can also fight each other with other players in the Arena. Players are free to choose an opponent for later opponents appearing in the list are the players who are not playing. Plus, this game also adopted the concept of territorial defense as we can see in “Clash of Clans.”

This game offers a turn-based battle system that is based on the speed of the attack. No MP (magic points) in this game, there is only HP (health points). At the beginning of the game, players will find a floating island and a girl who will give a tutorial on how to summon monsters and power-ups. The island will be home later that you and the monsters that you get. Well, here points to pull. Unlike other RPG game that shows only monster in the form of cards, in Summoners War: Sky Arena you can see the monsters walking around the island.


Monster to be a “soldier” in the forefront of your adventure. No need to use the money, you simply call him with a scroll earned throughout the game. Owned scroll type affect the monsters that will appear. Some monsters can be combined with your favorite monsters in order to increase the strength.

The island can you zoom in-out and vertical rotary pleased to be able to clearly see your monster collection. At least there are more than 400 types of monsters that you can in this game collection. Each monster must have the skills and the types of attacks that vary with the various elements (fire, water, wind, light and dark) is strong and the weak one another.


These monsters can you get in two ways, namely summoning and drop out of the dungeon. Summoning can be done using several ways, namely unknown summon scrolls, scrolls summon mystical, mystical summons (using 75 red crystal), and social summon (using social points).

Summoners War invites you to make many kinds of structures that will support you in carrying out the mission. However, players do not have to bother to build a defensive wall and build additional troops. Monster possessed become the frontline in defending the headquarters of monsters attack other players.


Summoners War became one of the role-playing game that must be played. In addition to providing in-app purchase feature a friendly, visual and character design is also quite unique, complement the gameplay is easy and fun. Reward is provided as experience points and which is also very much, so that the development level of the players is also faster.

In Summoners War: Sky Arena, there is also a rune. As in other RPG games, this rune serves as armor, helmet, as well as additional accessories that can add to the strength of monsters. Needed a bit of strategy and tactics to use to the fullest Rune. Player has full control over the way the fight, both the target and the skill used to attack. Even so, this game also provides an auto mode for players who want to just drop the items seeking grinding or leveling.


This rune has a level (star) are different, ranging from one star to six stars. Rune has a number of stars more surely have the status that are more good than a little starry runes. You also can upgrade using the rune stone which, of course, the higher upgrade you, the higher the number where the stone should be removed.

Interested in this game? come download and play 🙂

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