Review Game Super Mario Run

Review Game Super Mario Run android apk games

Who does not know the game Super Mario? One of the most popular games in the 90s for the first time will be present in the form of mobile games you can play on iOS devices. December 2016 is a historic moment for Nintendo and mobile players. At the end of this year, Mario debuted on the mobile platform through Super Mario Run, with iOS become the first destination.
Finally, Super Mario has been released officially in the App Store. Create your users iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, you can download free Super Mario Run now. Android device reportedly will soon follow. Make you own an Android device please be patient ok hahahah :p

For information, there are approximately 150 region which acquired the App Store’s Super Mario Run. Fortunately Super Mario Run officially released in Indonesia directly. Unlike Pokemon GO had to wait some time until the official release to Indonesia.


Nintendo working with Apple directly when promoting this game, setting up a special ad that aired around the world, as well as commissioned Shigeru Miyamoto to perform at various occasions to talk about Super Mario Run. With the hype that was built so high, Super Mario Run not disappoint the fans who have been waiting for it.

The download process is running normally as usual. There is no server issues that are common because too many downloads at the same time. The process of installing also run normally as usual. Make sure you only remaining free storage of more than 200MB.

Stories and core gameplay of Super Mario Run it feels similar to other iterations of Super Mario, but Nintendo really serious overhaul in-game mechanisms that match is played on a mobile device. The reshuffle which combines platformer genre and Run runner in Super Mario still feels familiar with Super Mario series, which is known fans.
As part of the Super Mario game series legendary platformer, Super Mario Run is not much difference in terms of story. You still have a role as Mario, the plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, which is an adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowser hand.


Running, jumping, stomping enemies, collect points, and so must have been very synonymous with the game Super Mario. Nintendo is not so much to add something Beru in Super Mario Run. All looks identical to the old Super Mario games.
You just need to tap on the display device to Mario jump. The plumber will run automatically to the right until the time runs out or you made it to the finish area at each level.

The simplicity of this control scheme feels very fitting with a mobile platform that relies on input from the touch screen. Nintendo even promote Super Mario Run as a game that only requires one hand to be played fully, and claim that they mentioned it was true.

Just because it is played on the iPhone and iPad, there must be adjustments to how to play or gameplay. In this Run Super Mario you can play all the games just with one hand. All you need to do is to control his jump with one finger. Ordinary tap to jump, and tap longer to jump higher. Gather points, step on enemies, go through trials, and others can do just with one finger. Of course this is very easy. You can play anytime and anywhere. Cooollll πŸ™‚


Interestingly, the type of movement that can be done from a single input Mario is very varied according to the conditions you live. Mario can roll on the ground, do a somersault jump, hang from the ceiling, until the spin in the air. Each movement has unique characteristics that you need to understand and master to obtain maximum results at every level.

Mario also has a new movement that has never appeared in the Super Mario series previously, which rolled on top of a number of types of enemies. This movement may initially be quite confusing incumbents Super Mario. But once already mastered the mechanism, this movement makes Super Mario Run feels fresh and exciting.

Not only that, a variety of game assets such as characters, world, story board, animation, sound effects and music until everything is still very synonymous with the Super Mario games of old.


With a few changes to make Super Mario Run it as if trying to keep abreast of the times while keeping the experience. Although the gameplay in all series Super Mario platformer cursory look as normal, but the level of difficulty presented by Nintendo can not be underestimated. Not infrequently the players frustrated by dealing with the design of the level or type of enemy that requires dexterity and patience. πŸ™‚ It is also found in Super Mario Run, but in a more tolerant levels. You still given a chance to continue the game if it falls off a cliff or collide with an enemy so no need to immediately repeat the level from the beginning.

This facilitates the adjustment of the difficulty level of casual gamers who do not have the experience of playing the Super Mario series before. The veteran players were still getting quite a difficult challenge when pursuing maximum points.

Single player mode in Super Mario Run actually has a much shorter duration than other iterations of Super Mario. The titled World Tour mode consists of 24 levels that you can Finish in less than two hours.


The real challenge of the single player mode is not the finish line as quickly as possible, but the pink collect coins scattered in each level. Nintendo put five coins pink dots that challenge at all levels, so it’s too late or too early to jump sometimes makes you have to repeat the level from the beginning to get everything. If you successfully take out all the pink coins in each level, you have the opportunity to return to repeat that level in order to collect the coins in purple and black. Both colors of the new coins are placed at points that become more difficult, so it is suitable for you who are hungry for the challenge.

This gameplay design has the potential to create long-duration single player more than tripled. By collecting all these special coins, you can also collect special tickets to be used to access the Toad Rally game mode.

Not only the single player mode, Super Mario Run also features a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally. You can compete with another player’s record of achievements from around the world in a competition to collect as many coins. The opponent is represented by an oncoming shadow with you in every game session. Although the competition did not take place in real time, but the presence of a shadow opponent can contribute inflame competitive spirit when you’re playing.


Winners of the competition were rewarded with coins and a group of Toad who will stay in the kingdom. The more crowded the Toad and coins you have, the more the object and reward which you can access to customize the kingdom in Kingdom Builder mode.


Although most of the rewards available only cosmetic, but some can give you access to the mini games as well as extra characters. There are five other characters you can play in addition to Mario, among others Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad, until Toadette.Β Reward not only be obtained from Toad Rally mode only. By connecting a My Nintendo account is yours as well as add friends in the game, you can also access a variety of reward redemption through your Nintendo collection over the years.


Nintendo is known as a company that is quite rigid and has a firm stance in the business. This is reflected in the decision to keep impose lock region, or the adoption of legislation for the results of creators’ videos on YouTube showing their game. High ego also makes Super Mario Run game design can not achieve its full potential.

Although the actual Rally Toad mode can extend player retention Super Mario Run but Nintendo limiting this game through ticket system is needed to access the mode. When you run out of tickets, then the easiest option you can take is to wait a few hours to get a chance to bring them together again.

Another restriction is applied Nintendo is imperative to always be connected to the Internet. They argued that the Internet connection is required in order to prevent the practice of piracy and keep the experience of playing Super Mario Run to always smoothly. Although the reason is quite reasonable, but still annoying when it can not play Super Mario Run when you’re traveling in a place with poor internet network.

When compared with the Wii U console produced by Nintendo, mobile platform clearly has lost qualified hardware specifications. Nevertheless, the quality of presentation of Super Mario Run still compares favorably with the Super Mario Bros. U Wii U.


You can see the models of each character in the game with enough detail and depiction is so colored background. Animation of Mario and his friends as well as the design of the user interface in the game also looks very polished, according to Nintendo, known big name so experts develop quality games.

Speaking of audio, you will be entertained by typical Mario playful chatter, as well as sound effects and background music that sounds appropriate to every situation in the game. Mario fans who could I ask his opinion was satisfied with the overall look of Super Mario Run.

Then if Super Mario Run Free?

Although you can free download Super Mario Run from the App Store, in fact you will not be able to play all or world level in this game. Yes, you have to pay to be able to play all the levers Super Mario Run.

Level you can play for free only World Tour 1-1 to 1-3 only. In World Tour 1-4 you are only given a trial 20 seconds that you can try for free. The rest? You need to buy to unlock all levels. πŸ™‚
Price to activate all of the levels in Super Mario Run is USD 149,000 if you are using Apple ID Indonesia region. If you are using an Apple ID US or region of the United States, the price of the game Super Mario Run is $ 9.99. Obviously this is not a high price for ye are indeed a big fan of Super Mario.

In addition, the purchase system with in-app purchase method is increasingly popular. Evidently, in addition to more secure from piracy, in-app purchase allows you to be able to download the game for free and can make the game appear in the top-selling games and the most popular game for many people download.

For those of you a big fan of Super Mario would have been curious, right? let’s download and play πŸ™‚

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