Review Game Tiny Gladiators

Review Game Tiny Gladiators Android apk games

Tiny Gladiators is a 2D fighting game with elements of an RPG in some way. Apparently you are the son of a gladiator that was previously slain 10 years prior to the game. Now you can get to grow your own gladiator not just seeking for revenge anymore but just to get the glory, money and everything else in between. Enter the arena or anywhere else with the help of our Tiny Gladiators hack, cheats, tips and guide. Set in a cute yet deadly fantasy realm, Tiny Gladiators is an action packed brawler set against a captivating RPG storyline. Players adopt the role of the heroic protagonist who battles through four diverse regions each filled with powerful enemies and terrifying bosses all in the hope of finding his missing father!

Very similar in gameplay and also visuals to Postknight, players use tap controls to jump, dodge, thrust and lunge attacks on their foes. Throughout the action players collect XP for levelling up along with coins and diamonds which can be used to purchase upgrades, boosts and costumes.

Apart from the enchanting single player storyline, players can also complete online in the global arena to find out who is the best Tiny Gladiator of all of the realms! Furthermore, if looking to really push yourself players can enter the Survival Tower where they must face off against the greatest dangers in a knockout, survival mode where if able to win multiple matches consecutively, huge rewards can be earnt!


The controls in Tiny Gladiators are very simple. Just tap the buttons that make your character move and the buttons that let you use the attack, abilities and jump. Now when it comes to fighting like a champion, here are some ways for you to do it. One way is to fight aggressively depending on the enemy. Keep on attacking enemies because sometimes they stagger and they don’t even try to fight back. The manga style graphics of the battle scenes are a great feature in an era where so many games are investing heavily in as realistic isomorphic characters as possible. This warmth and cuteness is outdone however in the intricately

The levelling up rate of progression and energy meter rejuvenation rate generous allowing for players to enjoy long stretches of constant gameplay. That along with the multiple character with each of their progression saved featured does a lot to keep player interest piqued.

However if they do fight back, you then need back up a bit to be a defensive. That is another way of playing which is to be defensive. Try to back up when making attacks so that you don’t get too punished. Adjust to the situation as to when you need to be on full offense or be on defense when you need to depending on the flow of the battle.


Use the jump button as well. Attacking aggressively is good but using the jump is just as effective. When you jump, you can avoid specific abilities. Jumping also helps you attack better. Plus you can go on the other side and start attacking from there. Keep in mind your enemy can also jump over you. Then try to corner your opponent so that they don’t have the chance to retaliate and escape. One thing that you do need to do with your gladiator is to update the gear from time to time. This is obvious when a new enemy suddenly beats you to a pulp. Updating your equipment goes well with your play style. If you want to play offensively, then have strong weapons. If you want to play defensively then have good armor. You can also have a balanced build with good equipment for the most part. Normally you don’t have any idea of who you will be facing with. You may get pitted against a powerful enemy and you won’t even notice it until the start of the fight. Even if you lose the fight, you won’t be losing anything. You would even gain some experience points for it. If you’re too concerned about energy which costs you every time you enter an area then that is the only thing that you can use. Don’t be scared to enter an area without any prior knowledge.


This of course depends on your character style and not the best suited for assassins as they do most damage when up close and personal, yet a great way to play it safe is to jump around. Since there is no time limit per match and that special move abilities can be used limitlessly, players can trigger the special move, then jump away out of harms way to wait for the cooldown timer to regenerate before triggering it again, rinse and repeat.

Features of Tiny Gladiators 

– Free download
– Easy to play but it’s very hard to win.
– Many exciting tasks
– Different upgrades and bonuses
– HD and 3D graphics with great sound effects
– Dynamic and great lighting effects
– Worldwide Leaderboards
– Regular updates with new features
– Connect with friends worldwide
– Exploring four distinct areas: the enemies encountered interesting and engaging boss battles
– Challenging other players in the online game


Shop : Players can of course buy boosts buy spending diamonds, yet since they are the premium currency they are far better spent on permanent upgrades rather than one off boosts. The chance to watch a video post battle may also pop up at times to double the coins won. Personally unless it is a boss level with a large amount of coins, do not think it worth the time spent.


Upgrade : Upgrading weapons and armour is an absolute necessary for winning later levels. This can be a little confusing as there are different classes of gear.  Therefore, it is best to simply stockpile all gear and diamonds and play through until repeatedly failing to complete a certain battle.  From there, go back and replay any levels that haven’t been three starred to gain more XP and level up to increase skill levels and basic stats.  It should also be noted that with a higher XP the quality of items found in the barrels that can be bought in the armoury also increases, which can lead to a diamond upgrade item become obsolete through free coins.


Multiple Character : A great feature of Tiny Gladiators is the ability to use up to four playable characters at any time. Since each class of character is quite different with different abilities and stats, gameplay has to varied to suit.  This small yet simple attribute makes the game all that more enjoyable and as such, players should definitely try each character class and see which one provides them with the most progression!


Skill : With each levelling up through XP won in battles, players can increase their skill levels. There are two offensive and two passive skills so four options in total. Choosing which to focus upgrades on depends on which character chosen and style of gameplay. For example, if your avatar is an assassin then upgrading passive health stats first would be best, yet if a long ranged spearman, then upgrading offensive attacks is better suited. The knight, consequently, does best from an even amount of both. Skills can however, be reset without penalty so if stuck on a particular level, try resetting and restructuring in a different combination.


Artifact : Artifacts can are unlocked each time a new boss level has been unlocked. Yet to obtain these special ability upgrades, players must use ‘set pieces’ and ‘souls’. Souls can be won in through playing in the “survival tower” whilst set pieces are obtained through heroic chests. It can be quite a slog to gather all the necessary pieces to unlock a full set of artifacts, yet doing so will increase players stats exponentially and as such makes progression through the tougher levels much easier. Entering into Survival Tower does offer excellent prizes, yet is very costly to do so, so be sure to log in daily to take advantage of the free daily entry!

Then what do you think about this game? Let the voice your opinion in the comments okay 🙂 Have a nice play :*

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