Review Game This War of Mine android apk games

Review Game This War of Mine android apk games

Most war games will usually position you as a member of the military forces that are already experts to take up arms and fight to subdue anyone who seeks opponent opponent. Where as a simple mathematical formula, bullets are lodged in the opposite body equals the opportunity to survive longer. But it’s not something like this that is offered by 11 bit Studios through This War of Mine. Instead of acting as a militant, you will act from the eyes of a civilian. An ordinary citizen who was caught in the middle of a conflict. Humans with family and friends who have one main mission – just survive.

This War of Mine Game uses a graphical display depicted in sketch form. Where the game is dominated by dark colors such as gray, black, white, and lightning display is smooth, so the atmosphere of the game is really in a state of war.

This War of Mine itself has never explicitly explained the setting of civil war conflict that is the main background. A simple premise story is presented, where a war between rebel and government forces takes place. The war that had predicted only run for several months, especially with government troops who have been besieged on the side of the city, it lasted for years. With the distribution channels of food and medicine that have been cut off by the government from outside, the two elements become so rare items in the capital. The residents who trapped in it slowly but surely increasingly weakened. Hunger, disease, and shelter become valuable resources.


Game This War of Mine will invite players to plunge into the world of battle or war, but in this Game This War of Mine You play not as a war leader or strategist, but as a civilian. Where is the story? You are an ordinary civilian who struggles to live amidst the ongoing war riots.

War games capable of offering such a sensation can indeed be counted on the fingers. One that has been able to carry this theme so well in the past is the Spec Ops: The Line of Yager is amazing. On the surface, it looks like a generic third person shooter generic game. In fact, however, it is wrapped in so many memorable moments that exploit different sides of the war. This kind of sensation is also offered by the latest indie game – This War of Mine from 11 bit Studios. One of the most unique war theme games you will taste.


You will act as the three main characters here who must work hand in hand to survive. A strange condition indeed, given the destiny line of these three characters did have a chance to touch each other in the past, when conditions are still so peaceful. There was Bruno (a big man who had a cooking show on television), Kalia (a reporter), and Pavle (a former Football player with a pretty brilliant career). Now the three meet in conditions that are so critical and different. Mutually protect each other, they must survive.

As with any simulation game generally then on each character you have different abilities and specials, where the abilities can be utilized for the sustainability of your game in it. Like for example Katia’s character who has excellent bargaining ability, she is very good at doing so, so you can use it to do barter activity which will give more benefit.

Some other characters such as Arica that has the ability to settle slowly without being noticed, as for Pavle characters have the ability or excess as a very fast runner, as well as the next characters.


In the game, the player will get a house that will be used as a residence. In game gameplay, then during the day players will perform various activities such as human life in the real world such as cooking, eating, sleeping, making equipment and many other activities. The key to survival in This War of Mine depends on your ability to manage the resources you get. While you are starting to act loot the resources in the nearby region when night comes. Although you are provided with three different characters, only one character is allowed to perform the task every night.

When playing, then the player can experience various problems that confront, such as when at a level of game with the condition the player must survive in very cold weather. The very cold weather can be overcome by burning wood to warm the room, but problems arise when your wood supply is also limited.

While the characters badly need wood for cooking and making other equipment. And things will get really bad when one of the characters gets sick, the cold weather without a warmer that can be sufficient can then create a painful character that leads to death.


And food supplies are a crucial thing to really pay attention to, as well as the supply of medicines that are also very important to be noticed and fulfilled, where all of the above mentioned items are the rarest items that are hardest to find. For that often players use tactics by utilizing the drugs that are owned to be exchanged for food when the food supply is really thin and even run out.

The interesting thing about this Game of War of Mine is that money is not everything, where in play you really will be conditioned to get the money, thinking about being able to eat in tomorrow is already very difficult.

Then also you will experience emotional and soul movement in play, such as when the game scenes about a woman who will be tainted by evil soldiers. At that time you will be able to choose, allowing yourself (character) that the dead were shot by the soldier for trying to save the girl from the crime, or otherwise allowing the girl to be tainted by her, surely this is a very difficult choice. In the above incident, when the decision is taken that just want to save yourself, then it also has a bad impact with his psychic disturbed character, where the character who experienced the incident will experience severe depression because of his helplessness to help the poor girl. When a character is in a depressed state then he will not be able to do anything else, like not being able to sleep, eat and other activities, the characters will actually be down.


Another heartbreaking incident in playing this War of Mine game is also like when a player will actually become very guilty when it comes to stealing food from an elderly couple, whose wife is also old and is being severely ill. Where it’s hard to take food and medicines from those who are in that state, you’re also very hungry and sick. That way it is quite worthy to say that this War of Mine game is very good at menggandering feelings on gamers, where when playing it You will feel a very dilemma.

And there are other things that exist in this This War of Mine game, and the game will be over when no single character is in your house. So with so the arrival of new people will be a very good thing when there is only one person left at home. Like when a character is in a sick state, then you can use the new person to seek medicine or food out at night. However, on the other hand the arrival of foreigners can also be a boomerang which is harmful.

There is a sense of frustration when playing this War of Mine. Frustration is precisely worth seeing as an advantage rather than a deficiency. There is a feeling so sad and annoying when you look at the fact that whatever you are trying to do, you will never make the condition of your main characters lead a normal and happy life. You do not have the ability to do that. Limited resources continue to push you into the depths of a dilematic dilemma, which sometimes leads to a deteriorating state of character. Two slices of food with three stomachs of half-starved people? Or a bed for three people who need a good night’s sleep? Constantly, there are always characters who become victims with needs that can never be resolved. And this will make you feel bad. Like an incompetent father to provide food for his children. The frustration that feels so obvious, as if you are facing the situation so dark war. You care about each of these characters, you create an emotional attachment with each of them. Extraordinary!


If the frustration that arises from your inability to provide what is required of your character is not enough, This War of Mine still has many “secret weapons” to destroy your feelings and make you feel like a garbage dump because of the mental burden to bear. There is your sensation as if facing a simulated moral situation, where you seem to have to put aside the heart for the stomach. Put aside the lives of others for your own life. Projection is also executed very sweet by This War of Mine.

This War of Mine not only gives you the atmosphere of war and how cruel the consequences should be borne by civilians, but projecting what conditions you might have to take to simply survive. The consequences of such actions will not only affect you in the real world, but also the characters you use. Killing innocent people or robbing those who are weak will put your character into a heavy psychological burden. Depression, reluctant to do anything, they will need time to recover before they can move back. Under these conditions, This War of Mine injects a separate consequence if you hunt down the innocent.

– Unique visual quality
– Gameplay is complex and needs a separate plan
– Emotional attachment with each character
– Dilemma conditions that tickle your moral values
– Projection of different war situation
– Intuitive controls
– Music that is increasingly strengthening the atmosphere
– Psychological elements are also injected into the gameplay.

– It will feel normal if you already know the formula
– Unfortunately, without the multiplayer mode regardless of its enormous potential.

One last sentence that I can say when playing this gam ” Difficult live, but dont want to die ”

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