Review Game Yume100 Android APK Games

Review Game Yume100 Android APK Games

Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ouji-sama which is a mobage with the fantasy puzzle RPG genre is rumored to be getting a short anime adaptation in 2017 and anime series in 2018. This was announced at the Summer Festival 2016 event by CGREST as the game maker .

The games that target women as players have been launched for smartphones with iOS and Android platforms in 2015, carrying the theme of ‘the princes of the girls’ dreams. The players can find 100 princes who live in the Kingdom of Dreams but to be able to meet these princes players are required to be able to solve a number of puzzles in order to wake the princes from their long sleep. The game’s otome elements on Yume100 are so powerful, accompanied by long stories. Fortunately this can be missed if not so interested in the main game.

In Yume100’s story, the player plays the protagonist (can be named at will, which would be a username), is a girl who is thrown in a dream world. The miraculous dream world was being invaded by Yumekui, aka ‘dream eater’. To save the world of everybody’s dreams and dreams, the protagonist’s job as a princess is to awaken the princes of the dream world and fight the Yumekui along with them, with the help of the butler, the Navi.


Inside the game, waking the prince himself is more precisely done through the gacha system, aka getting randomly alias relying on the luck of using coins or crystals. But there are some princes that can be obtained free of charge by continuing the map in the main story.

Beyond the main story full of fairy tale elements, players can also enjoy the love story-style romance with the princes. By raising the prince’s level, a new story for princes will open. Moreover, princes can be ‘raised’ to one of two versions, the Sun and the Moon.

One of the uniqueness of Yume100 is the existence of two versions of the system. The game collecting characters usually has only one character upgrade, but in Yume100 the princes characters can be upgraded aka raised in accordance with the player’s preferred trend in the prince’s storyline. This upgrade is not the origin of the click, the player must raise the prince’s level until all the stories are open, and collect the fairies according to the type of princes. Things that could be considered to provide a challenge for the players. The prince will have a totally different appearance between the Moon version with the Sun, of course with the storyline and even dialogue in a different game drastically.


By drawing a line on three or more of the same colored balls, the ball will disappear and become the power of the princes to attack the Yumekui. If the meter in the middle of the bottom is met, then you, the princess, can go into Fever mode, which if still active will be able to eliminate the ball with one click. There are also various types of help in this game, like hearts that can heal life and crystal in the last round which if brought down will give a strong attack on the boss.

Yume100’s own ultimate form is actually in the puzzle of his game where princes fight with the Yumekui through the game puzzle. There are usually at least three rounds in which the player will fight the boss in the last round. At a glance this game puzzle reminiscent of a famous game of the same kind, Line Pokopang.

Each prince has his own type and this can have a powerful effect on the effectiveness of their attack on the enemy. There are five types of princes adapted to the nature of the prince: Passion (red), Cool (blue), Sexy (purple), Cute (yellow), Gentle (green). By eliminating more balls of the same type as a prince on the team then the attack from the prince will become strong.

Not only that, the prince’s skill meter can fill in as many of their conquered ball types, and the prince will be able to cast his skill with a single click, helping in the fight against the enemy. This skill exists from a life-curing skill to a skill that destroys one row of balls. The Yumekui are also divided into the same five types of princes, and attacks of one type can be effective for other types, eg Passion type attacks will be effective for Gentle type monsters.


To get into the main game, it takes that energy if it can be exhausted by waiting a few minutes for one energy point, or buy with a crystal. Do not want to continue the main story, or run out of energy and crystals? One of the highlights of Yume100 is the Score Challenge mode. In Score Challenge mode, the enemy will not attack and you can compete to collect the best score against a friend. You also do not need to use energy-you can use orb, which is different from crystal, you can get it for free every day or as a shipment from friends.

There are some quests that can only be completed in a certain day or hour. For example, taking a fairy to awaken a prince can be done on Mondays to Wednesdays depending on the elves needed, and by the end of the week players can play the prize money quest needed to raise the prince’s level. Not to mention Training Quest, which gives great experience points and only present only at certain hours. The existence of various types of events that are held quite often also greatly gives variations of the game.

The Good: Music in Yume100 brings the atmosphere to good, but the main attraction in audio from this game is the voice of the voice. Quite a large number of large voice actors are involved in Yume100, many of them contributing to at least two different characters. Call it some of them involved; Mamoru Miyano, Natsuki Hanae, Kensho Ono, and many more. It has become one of Yume100’s teaser for some kind of fans who are maniacs of seiyuu. Visual menu feels beautiful like a fairy tale. The graphic of characters feels very bishounen, typical of Otome Game.


Disadvantages: Required memory is quite heavy on the smart phone the player, of course with a mobile Internet network connection is strong enough also to be able to play it smoothly. Maybe this is because of the many features in this game.

Conclusion: Yume100 is an interesting game with its various features. It is one of those games that collect characters that require great intentions from their players to get all the stories and graphics, and can be said casual-no-casual depending on the purpose of the player. The story is quite interesting, where from the graphics and the story clearly shows that women are the market. This game is arguably an attractive alternative for women who love a unique mobage, either just to spend time or realize the dream of collecting men’s dreams.

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