Review The Monkey King Online Apk Android Games

Review The Monkey King Online Apk Android Games

This new game definitely hear us immediately reminded of a favorite movie, titled The Monkey King who popularized by the human ape or more familiar with Son Wu Kong. yup Son Wu Kong is a very unique character, acting funny but often make others upset about his behavior. but that he is also having an extremely bad trait is ‘arrogant’. well, once Son Wu Kong who claimed himself as the Monkey King is a very brutal action, namely making heavenly shattered with his strength so that makes it had to deal with Jade Emporer.

well now The monkey king movie serial starring Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat . Now you can play it by the game, and now his star is you 🙂 because there is now a new game called The Monkey King Online. Released by Faveo Entertainment, the game is a fast action game genre MMORPG Browser with AAA quality (very good). because this browser game is an adaptation of a movie, the plot is told in this game was not much different from the plot of the film comes from.

in this browser game there are four classes that you can choose to experience the heavenly namely Monkey King, Ox Demon Lord, Fox Demon and Iron Fan Princess.
The following I will explain one by one the class. lets see 🙂

1. Monkey King

In the main class must always be the primary role of the star ahahha
monkey king is the class that has unique attributes and dominant fighter in a fight one on one. Monkey King has tremendous advantages in the form of power destroyed and attack speed is very high. just like in the movie came from, Monkey King also had a major weapon in the form of sticks Way, with this type of weapon the Monkey King has a medium-range strike. not only that, the Monkey King also mastered the science of changing shape 72 which in each his form has different strengths but also very strong. very cool right 🙂

2. Ox Demon Lord

The next class is the older brother of the college throughout the Monkey King is Ox Demon Lord. This class has the power and defense is very large, even the Monkey King was very difficult to penetrate defenses. so you need extra strength and focus. With a giant mace-shaped weapon that is in use it, Ox Demon Lord is able to destroy the whole opponent in a particular area with ease. different from the Monkey King who has a wide-range strike, precisely Ox Demon Lord has a limited range strike that made it must be in very close proximity to the opponent. well, this weakness can you make a weapon to defeat it. its the same thing as the Monkey King, Ox Demon Lord also holds 72 science changing shape.

3. Iron Fan Princess

for the third class is actually still has a relationship with the second class is Ox Demon Lord for Iron Fan Princess is the wife of Ox Demon Lord. If Ox Demon Lord has  Giant Mace as its main weapon, the other thing with Iron Fan Princess. I think he has a weapon even more amusing was amazing, Iron Fan Princess has a major weapon in the form of fan Way’s capable of throwing anything in front of him, he also has a magic attack with enormous power destroyed. Princess Iron Fan but this has a low enough so that the defense could have penetrated the opponent’s defense. with a low defensive power does not mean you can beat him easily, because the Iron Fan Princess has a range and a very large area, even larger than the class of the Monkey King.

4. Fox Demon

Just as class Monkey King, this class also has the advantage of speed of attack that can produce a high rate of critical attack. Demon Demon Fox is Beautiful but deadly, because he was able to finish off his opponent so quickly that he is also an accomplished killer. however, Fox Demon has a low attack range than the other classes, and Fox Demon also weak performance facing an opponent with a number of lots, so this class better suited to face opponents one by one.

thus our review about The Monkey King Online. For you fans of the story of Journey To The west would be very interested in this game, besides the quality is very good, and you’ll get a very exciting experience to play this game.

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