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Review VainGlory Game Android apk games

I think MOBA fans will immediately feel familiar with the gameplay Vainglory. Like the similar games on the PC such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, Vainglory also brings PvP combat with the objective of destroying a building called Vain Crystal at the headquarters of the opposing team. Reaching this objective successfully is not easy, because a lot of things will hinder your efforts.

VainGlory is a MOBA game which is made of Super Evil Megacorp. VainGlory originally only available on iOS. More recently, the Super Evil Megacorp VainGlory released for the Android platform. Exciting game this one has been downloaded more than 1 million Android users around the world. This game in sieve-sieve into MOBA ruler on a mobile platform. How not, in terms of appearance and games, one game is indeed very promising users will be nothing new. This game really looks like DOTA.

So, what is MOBA. MOBA or commonly called Online Multiplayer Beta Bowling is a game that requires cooperation in the same line to defeat the opposing team. Own MOBA DOTA-like game. Has a lot of character and there are some characters that can only be purchased with the currency of the game. Usually called Gold or Cash. These types of games require strategy and teamwork, because some MOBA game could have spent less than 20 minutes.


Vainglory is one of the pioneers of the game that uses the Apple developer kit Metal. The kits allow developers to bring a very sharp graphic detail without sacrificing the performance of the game, and it was also done by the Super Evil Megacorp. Super Evil Megacorp follow monetization scheme free-to-play which is also used by Dota 2 and League of Legends. However, Vainglory did not put up ads or use stamina system that forces players to wait all this time.

Super Evil Megacorp regularly provide updates to Vainglory. Always something new at every update given, ranging from the presence of new features up additional content.Of course, the update process will continue in the future that will present a variety of heroes and other additional features. In addition, the developer itself admits that they have a myriad of ideas that want to be implemented into the game to spoil the players. wow, you certainly can not wait hahahahh 🙂


In this game you will play as a hero in a team of three people. Each person will control the hero who shoulder to shoulder to face the opposing team. Every hero has different skills and characteristics, so that the necessary strategies and coordination to complete the objective effectively. In addition, each player can also purchase additional skin of each hero. The skins are purely cosmetic and just change the look of the hero on the battlefield. Changing skin will not change the strength of heroes played.


Not only the opposing team, you will also face a variety of obstacles that confront you to destroy Vain Crystal. Another obstacle that exists between soldiers Minions and turrets. Fortunately, you can buy a variety of items that can make double strength and patching up weaknesses. You need to also collect some gold to make you become the strongest hero. The trick is very simple, you collect gold from creep or of mutants. Mutant itself is at the points that have been determined in which every few minutes to reappear when it is dead.

Various simplification has been carried out into Vainglory developer, ranging from control schemes in the game up to the maximum level that can be achieved by a hero. Of all the existing adjustment, at least there are three fundamental things that distinguish Vainglory with similar games on the PC.


The first thing that immediately visible is the area of the battle arena. Vainglory use the area only consists of one main line (or commonly referred to as lane in MOBA) and a jungle wider arena under the lane. This amount differs from similar games at an average PC uses a three lane for fight.

The second difference is the number of active skills which amounted to only three. Each hero has two basic skills and an ultimate skills to deal damage to the enemy. Although not as much as MOBA on PC, three skill is enough to provide an exciting tactical combat action without having to complicate the gameplay and game interface.

Despite having approximately the same background, Vainglory the move is not just MOBA gameplay from PC to mobile. Super Evil Megacorp perform various adjustments that resulted in Vainglory feels comfortable when played on a touch screen device.

If one session MOBA battles on the PC can take up to an hour, then Vainglory cut it to about half an hour. The average length of games can be achieved thanks to the maximum level characters are stuck on level 12 as well as the area that is not how big. Despite having various differences and simplification as described above, Vainglory still feels exciting and challenging. Each bout was dynamic depends on the decision of the players so that there will be no two the same fight.

source: playtoko

Regarding the control responsiveness, Vainglory rely on touch inputs to control everything in the game. You can tap on the entire screen for various commands in the game, ranging from moving the hero, using the skills, to interact with other players. Super Evil Megacorp has designed a convenient interface to touch all the existing features. All options are presented neatly and easily accessible during the game. Players just need to tap to access the feature in question. In addition, the touch sensitivity is also intertwined with the response in a flash game. This is crucial in a MOBA game, where each player can do some input within a fraction of a second to respond to the movement of the opposing team.

VainGlory need a stable internet connection to avoid lag when playing. Lag is not really affect the game. Because, if we want to attack, sudden lag (usually delay) it does not cover the possibility we would be attacked even could have died. Connections suggested is one that has ping speeds under 200 milliseconds, or a fifth of a second.

Come download and play your hero 🙂

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